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I Am Soooo Qualfied to Control Your Life

I am so qualified to control your life and everything else you touch.

I could tell you how best to spend your money. Hell, I could just take a portion of it whether you wanted to or not and spend it as I saw fit because…I am so qualified to control your life.

I could tell you how you’re going to engage in the health care system. I’m so qualified, I could make you pay a penalty of say, $1,000.00 or so, if you don’t. I could do my best to make you healthy but I have no medical degrees or experience. Doesn’t matter. I am so qualified.

I could tell you how your children are going to be educated. I am sooooo damn qualified to raise everyone’s children. I am forty-two-years old, ya know.

I am so qualified to keep the economy going and keep your job; or, at least, I’ll try. I know who to bail out when times are tough (like General Motors, Chrysler, banks) and who to let go like, say, Borders. Because books aren’t that important. In fact, if you don’t read, all the better for me who is qualified to control your life.

I am even qualified to launch “police actions” in countries who’s name I have a hard time pronouncing, that I’ve never been too, whose language I don’t understand and culture I’ve never looked into. I could let the military fix them because that always works to get foreign nations on our side.

Man, I am so damn qualified to control your life.

How do I know I’m qualified to control your life? The United States Federal Government says so. That’s who.

Seven years ago, I turned thirty-five-years old and that was my last requirement. According to the United States Constitution, you need to reach the age of thirty-five to be President. Also, I was born in the United States, thus meeting the natural born citizen requirement. I have lived here all my life, thus meeting the minimum of fourteen-years residency. And I am over thirty-five-years-old, the minimum age requirement is the last requirement. And with these three requirements met, I can now control every aspect of your life. Amazing, isn’t it?

If only you’d elect me.

But would you do that? Would you want me running your life? Let me tell you a few more things and see if I can persuade you.

I graduated from a respected university with a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology and survived colon cancer. I am married, have two children and own my own home. I also like the sweeter side of pipe tobaccos and FPS computer games (Left4Dead2 is pretty fantastic). Did I mention I have a really cute dog?

Convinced yet? Do you think I know what’s best for you? Your eye-rolls suggest that you don’t. So why would I think I was qualified to run your life and ask you to vote for me to be your president?

Because that’s how things have been going for a long time now with our “leaders” in the Federal Government.

For about the past hundred years, U.S. Presidents (and Congress members with even less qualification requirements) have instituted laws and regulations over just about every aspect of our lives. They tell us how to best spend our money, how to run schools for our children, how to save for retirement, how to best be served with medical problems, how to relate to other cultures through foreign affairs, how to wear seat belts, the proper size for your toilet bowl, etc. The U.S. Federal Government has rules on the books for just about anything you can think of doing in your life. And with the President as the “head”, if I were elected, I could be the one in charge and making these decisions. Based on my short biography noted above, I wonder…would you want me making these important decisions for you? For everyone else in this country? I doubt that you would.

I doubt you’d want me being your financial planner, your child’s teacher, your dietitian, your transportation administrator, your gardener or, despite me having a really cute dog, your veterinarian. Clearly, I have none of the qualifications. But when you vote for the president or members of congress in today’s world, that’s what you’re voting for. The members of the Federal Government have gone beyond their described duties.

Our government has grown beyond the confines and expectations of the Constitution. The Founding Fathers created a Federal Government that was limited to a very few things. It originally had nothing at all to do with retirement, education, drugs, etc. Everything not specifically laid out in the Constitution, was left to the people and the States. Read it. You’ll be surprised at how far our Federal Government has gone to be all it can be and then some (and failing). The Federal Government was never meant to be all things and make all decisions. It was meant for the most basic of securities; thus, the founding fathers made it very simple to be president (or a congress member, for that matter). Basically, if you lived in the United States for a few years and had a body older than a child, you could be a member of the Federal Government. No doctoral degree in advanced sciences required. Why? Because members of Congress and the Presidency weren’t expected to do anything else but secure the Rights and liberties of the people. You could have little education at all to do that job.

I hope you remember this during the next election cycle. Remember that someone like me could one day be telling you how to run your life.

Or, you could vote for someone that isn’t interested in running your life. You could vote for someone who actually wants to be your President and do Constitutional duties. You could vote Libertarian which is the only Party advocating bringing the Federal Government back to Constitutional constraints. The only party that will rid the Federal Government from involvement in health care, school, police actions, etc.

Take it from me (and my wife), you don’t want me running your life. I think you can do better on your own. So don’t vote for someone else who thinks they are better than you either. Read the positions each of the candidates have from the two major parties and you’ll see, its more like oranges to tangerines than apples.

We have a few months to ponder this. Please do and consider turning back to the Constitution in 2012, voting Libertarian, and running your own life in the years to come.

3 thoughts on “I Am Soooo Qualfied to Control Your Life”

  1. I love your posts… In regards to this particular one, I would say voting for a party poses the same dangers we have today. People vote “D” or “R” just because of that letter; not because of the content of the person’s stance on a multitude of issues. It’s the “easy way” to vote. Voting for Libertarian would pose the same issue. Republicans are/were the party of small government, individual liberties. However, we’ve seen how many Republicans really don’t stand to those values and are allowed to create the turmoil we are in.

    Also, most politicians will talk a good talk when running for re-election so, for someone just taking face value from a career politician (as a good portion of Americans will – That’s how we got our current Fail-in-Chief, afterall) and not look into their previous records, then we are doomed to continue to repeat our current political climate.

    Get rid of the party system, invoke term limits for all elected political positions, drive civilians to take part in the political system, and let’s see how this country stands when true issues are voted on… Not a letter next to a name or party. Maybe that would work – maybe not. But, as long as we continue to have political parties, we continue to have a divide that prevents true issues from being addressed.

    That being said – Keep up the great work here. I really do enjoy yours and Alan’s posts. The voice of reason.

  2. You’re right. Parties can coalesce into monsters but, to date, I see the Libertarian Party hasn’t done that. The only reason I’m not a life member of said party is just in case they screw up. And if they do, I can get out with a wave of my hand.

    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the kind words. I will continue to toss out wit and wisdom from time to time as this site has been the most fun to post to.



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