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Some Required House Cleaning

The other day, a dear colleague of mine noted that I was a conservative. I was dumbfounded. I don't consider myself one. Why? Because the term doesn't mean to me what it means to the public at large. The term carries the stigma of Christian principled, stuffy rich white guy. That isn’t me. I guess… Continue reading Some Required House Cleaning

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Other Lessons From A Government Shutdown: A Plan to Take Back Our National Parks

It seems that the people’s enjoyment of our national parks and historic places has been the biggest - or at least the most visible - casualty of this shutdown debacle.  With nearly 80% of the federal government system deemed “essential,” and untouched, the arrangement leaves the President with few good options with which to demonstrate… Continue reading Other Lessons From A Government Shutdown: A Plan to Take Back Our National Parks

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It’s about time

It's about time. There is new legislation going through the halls of Congress to help protect drivers, especially those with pre-existing damage or points on their license, to get the car insurance they deserve. The focus is to provide affordable coverage for more middle income families. The Americans Bravely Requiring Affordable Car and Driver Adjustments By… Continue reading It’s about time

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Green Eggs & Prayer

So we had another Filibuster. Although this one is a little “f”. It didn't stop a vote. It stalled it. The blabby-blab-blabathon clocked in at over twenty-one hours. Technically, not a big “F” filibuster but...did it work? No. The intention was missed and the Republican Party is being called all sorts of nasty names round… Continue reading Green Eggs & Prayer