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ObamaCare: Gives You The Right To Mandatory HealthCare

“Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” – George Washington

This morning I woke up to a beautiful wife, a warm shower and a screaming baby. And you know why? – Because of my own choices. I strapped my son into the backseat of my white Ford Controur and took him to a daycare that costs me $700 a month. And you know why? – Because of my own choices. Ben, my neighbor, got up the other day and tried to buy health insurance. He couldn’t submit his application though. And you know why? – Because of Obama’s own choices.

With these new healthcare exchanges having finally set sail, my fellow Americans have been run down, denied and revoked in a myriad of repudiated outcomes. My mother is employed part time for Hallmark and was told she can no longer work above 30 hours per week because her employer is now forced to provide healthcare for all “fulltime” employees.

Obama_Talks_longThe obvious albeit delayed notion that the inherit flaws perpetuated by the current administration for three years have been completely disavowed. When inquiries were launched in light of targeted IRS attacks, the president claimed he knew nothing. When the smoke settled in Benghazi and millions asked for a presidential account, there was “no knowledge of a threat.” When millions (yes, millions) of Americans lost their healthcare plan that they chose, the president apologized because he noted that he was “sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. Obviously,” he said in an interview, “we didn’t do a good enough job.”

Insurance companies may one day fall prey to the persistently alluring blade of governmental takeover. With insurance companies now forced to provide certain benefits in their healthcare plans that they no longer have the freedom to control, many individuals are switching to what I like to call, “The Private Patient Trial Plan.” Basically, you are without insurance, but are desperately trying to acquire it through the 600 million dollar healthcare website that won’t load your application.

Is your moral clock starting to tick yet? More deluded and deceitful than the disastrous healthcare plan itself, we’ve learned that the white house administration knew prior to this “new revelation” that Americans would lose their healthcare plans. Time and time again, the American people have watched and waited for explanations to our coming crisis. It seems that our current president doesn’t understand the concept of honesty. I watched a video recently about Kathleen Sebelius in which Senator Jon Cornyn from Texas was quizzing her on several statistics centered on healthcare projections. After several seemingly unanswered questions, the senator commented that, “The only thing I can conclude is it’s impossible to do something in this Administration that gets you fired. It’s impossible. You can lie to the American people, you can consistently misrepresent the facts but it’s impossible to get fired.” *


If the president had a valid excuse for eliminating any chance at grandfathered healthcare plans, the level of deceit may not have been as high, but the disparaging and utterly vicious disregard for American freedom has all but exasperated a majority of the US. Millions of Americans fought vicariously through pregnant women for the right to “freedom of choice.” The only difference is that this issue isn’t a matter of life and death – oh, that’s right, it’s healthcare. Remember that the government didn’t offer pregnant women multiple options for what to do with their baby (and they had to choose one of those options). No, women were given the so-called right to take their child’s life. Yet, today we are witnessing a multitude of liberal voters who support this kind of legislature.

Instead, they choose to support a president who has been notorious for “I didn’t know” statements. On November 14th, Obama told reporters that, ““I was not informed directly that the website would not be working, as the way it was supposed to, had I been informed I wouldn’t be going out saying, ‘boy, this is going to be great.’” I wonder what my boss would say to me if I delivered a similar “apology” after a disgruntled customer complained about a product I had designed. **

We heard the president tell us that we would be able to keep our healthcare plans if we decided not to partake in the new healthcare plans. This was a very clear statement, especially since it was spoken over 20 times to the American people. See the following for an annoying reminder here. The problem with this idea lies in the technical details surrounding the true nature of “keeping” your current provider and plan. In the Affordable Care Act, the grandfather status may be retained assuming no changes are made to the plan. The legislation is flawed because ObamaCare prohibits certain types of “inefficiencies” in healthcare plans. Thus, those who currently pay for a cheap and skimpy healthcare plan will never be able to “keep their plan if they like it.” It’s just like many other government mandated decrees in which the American people are forced to comply without proper input – since the government knows best for you, you should not be able to make certain choices voluntarily.***

And now, after a monstrous backlash from the public about broken promises, the president chose to cancel all healthcare plan cancellations for one year without asking Congress. You have witnessed an unconstitutional and unilateral act by your president; that should bother you. Perhaps you don’t recall the first unilateral recall. After the law was passed, the president decided to offer companies with 50+ employees a one year furlough from the law. I’m assuming this is his way of prolonging the fall before the sudden stop at the bottom.

Ladies and gentlemen, perhaps you have seen your country fall short of upheld liberties and that has affected you. You might be feeling deep hard-set emotions in your stomach. That unsettling thrush of passion might just be your sense of freedom jutting through you from within. It’s like a powerful ocean wave that crashes against you when you feel your nation has been threatened. That’s your patriotism speaking – so don’t keep it bundled up inside. Claim your pride for your country and be a voice for freedom.

“Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.” – George Washington






2 thoughts on “ObamaCare: Gives You The Right To Mandatory HealthCare”

    1. Thank Bill. It’s difficult for some of us to understand why many Americans are unable to recognize the sheer lack of logic in the Affordable care Act’s “Benefits.” But keep one thing in mind: They do believe the way they do strongly and thus issues with the website, problems with broken promises all appear as mere “temporary shortcomings” in a plan that will be better “down the road.” I try to keep those issues in mind when I am debating my fellow Americans.
      Jon S.

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