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With Liberty and Justice for All

Independence (n) – freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.

Take a moment and really read that definition, let it sink in. Hundreds of years ago, our forefathers believed in the idea of independence so much they “declared” it because they knew all too well what it felt like to be controlled. Fast forward to this day and age where Americans on the whole have become the complete opposite, they have become dependent. Let’s take a look at that definition:

Dependence (n) – the state of relying on or needing someone or something; subordination or subjection

Americans are turning into subordinates, or subjects. Hardly what you’d expect from a people who went to war over their tea being taxed. But it’s true. Take a look in social media and you’ll see all too frequently people demanding the government take care of and provide for them. If the government doesn’t do so then it’s racist or sexist or someone’s rights are being oppressed (although if you ask these people what their rights are they have no clue).

How did we get to this place and are we too far gone to go back? Take the Hobby Lobby ruling for example – the left has all but imploded with the ruling that the craftsy corporation doesn’t have to pay for certain types of birth control they feel go against their beliefs through their employer-sponsored insurance. Instead of being grateful that Hobby Lobby continues to pay for 16 different types of birth control, and pays their employees nearly twice the federal minimum wage, the left has been told NO by the SCOTUS, and how dare they? How dare the government NOT side with them?

Of course when the SCOTUS declared Obamacare constitutional the left was all about the SCOTUS and more than one snidely reminded me, “it’s the law.” When I point out that we wouldn’t even be having this discussion if Obamacare didn’t exist and if the government wasn’t attempting to mandate private industry they go off on some tangent about religion. Or climate change. Or unicorns.

While we celebrate our nation’s birthday, a day of independence, I can only hope Americans wake up and see through the shiny marketing and false rhetoric of DC and our “leaders” and realize the most important “gift” of all is our freedom. And as we’re watching fireworks (you know, the rockets red glare) we remember the founding fathers didn’t fight for free birth control – they fought for liberty and justice for all.

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