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Five Finger Death Punch hits hard on veteran tragedies in America

The right has been terrible at messaging via popular culture. We talk about it ALL of the time. Maybe it’s time to stop talking about it, and start noticing that the issues that matter to us, matter outside of the pundit-y microcosm, too.

While we discuss policy and strategy around sending troops back into Iraq, and send outragey tweets about the VA scandal, the band Five Finger Death Punch  launched a video for their song Wrong Side of Heaven.  If you haven’t seen it, sit down and grab a tissue… and a leash for your outrage. If you don’t know who Five Finger Death Punch is, you might also want to turn off C-SPAN for awhile.  You can’t change hearts and minds without touching hearts and minds, and most of them live far from the echo chamber.


Follow Five Finger Death Punch on Twitter or at least tweet them a thank you for saying to millions what we say to each other.


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