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Sarah’s Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Sarah Sarah Sarah. (yes, I am shaking my head as I type that)

How I have defended you over the years… not because I always agreed with you but because you were a conservative woman fighting the good fight. When they made fun of you for being stupid, I defended you, when they made fun of your kiddo with a disability, I defended you with chainsaws, when they made fun of your daughter for getting knocked up… you get the picture here, yeah? I defended you.

I defended you because as a conservative woman I felt that hatred from the left myself and would in fact joke that wow, I was sure getting attacked but no way it’s as bad as what Sarah Palin gets. I admired you for being willing to put yourself out there and take the bumps that come along with doing so. The media and the left would hit you and hit you hard, and there you were, smiling through it with what seemed to me a determined will to keep going no matter what.

So you can imagine my dismay when you endorsed Donald Trump and joined the circus, openly supporting and pushing the orange, temperamental, angry and fairly obvious liberal in republican’s clothing.

What happened to you? There you were, the supposed queen of conservatism, promoting a man who wouldn’t know the Constitution if it fell out of the sky, landed on his face and started to wiggle. I have to believe he made you an offer you simply could NOT refuse because otherwise you never really stood for conservative ideals and everything you’ve been championing for the last eight years meant nothing to you.

All of this just so you could dramatically award your endorsement, which doesn’t seem to have done much to help Donald – his base is already YOUR base. Go look at his supporters in social media, most of the women are Sarah Palin wannabes shaking their red white and blue pom-poms and chanting #MERICA over and over again. If we’re being honest Sarah, this has done far more to hurt you than help the orange man; I haven’t seen you mentioned this much in the media (both social and traditional) in years and unfortunately most of what I’m seeing is people scratching their heads and wondering why you would stab conservatism in the back.

Maybe you need a refresher on conservatism? You know, supporting individual liberty and freedoms? You ‘member.

Conservatives don’t support eminent domain, we’re not conveniently prolife, we do NOT support higher taxes, we would rather cut a limb off than support universal health care, we don’t change our minds on the second amendment and we would prefer our candidates at least be somewhat familiar with the Constitution.

And you should know better – you should know screeching a bunch of your one-liners like some drunk in a bar isn’t conservatism (drill baby drill only goes so far).

So I guess this is good luck with the Trump show because I, like many of your defenders and supporters, am done with you. We’re not interested in your convenient conservatism or your opportunistic pandering for relevance. And even though conservatives have been getting beaten up and many of us are bloodied and bruised, unlike you we stand for something more than ourselves.

You should try it sometime.

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