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Dear Trump,

You’re probably asking yourself, “Self, why is this bunny person bugging me, I have giant amazing walls to build,” but the reason I’m writing you is we need to talk, and I can’t do it in 140 characters so I’m “blogging” you a letter. And the reason we need to talk is simple… you’re a disaster.

Yeah, you won’t agree and I’m sure at least two dozen Nazis will call me a word that begins with a “c” then threaten me with bodily harm for saying so but it needs to be said. Really and truly, you’re a mess. And I get it, people like you because you are a mess, you’re supposedly just like the rest of us poor slobs on Twitter ranting and raving about a country falling apart, shaking our social media fists at a government that seems to ignore us, thinking we make a difference…

Except YOU do make a difference. Sure, there’s a handful of people who pay attention to me but YOU, millions of people read your timeline and facebook pages so ultimately you have a real opportunity here, yes? An opportunity to speak for those of us who no one pays attention to, to speak for the “every man,” average Americans whose government has forgotten they work for us.

But unfortunately you’ve taken this opportunity and turned it into a one-man shit show – you’ve made this process about YOU, and it should be about country. It shouldn’t be about how people like you, or that you know this guy, or that you win so we’ll all win so much we’ll get sick of winning. This election is bigger than you, and I don’t think you understand that.

There are a lot of people in this country who are counting on you, who believe in you for whatever reason to be a leader, so be one. Stop being a jackass, learn about the positions you’ve taken, understand the plans you’ve paid people to write for you, study the Constitution and instead of being an incredible cry baby every time someone criticizes you, learn from it. Take a moment and try to understand why those of us who don’t support you, don’t trust you, why we question your motives, why we fight against you. Don’t go to a debate and yell the same talking points over and over again then pretend you said something worth saying – if you take some time to really look at what it means to be a republican you might even find you DO believe what you’re saying.

The people who put themselves on the line for you, who stand with you no matter HOW BADLY you screw up (and WOW, do you screw up) deserve better than what you’re giving them. And while I will never vote for you, there are thousands of people who believe what you’re telling them, who are desperate for your con to be true… and you and I both know it’s just not.

Be better. Be worthy of their support. You owe it to them.


2 thoughts on “Dear Trump,”

  1. Although I am, in a general sense, a Trump supporter, I also agree with the premise of this article. Donald Trump needs to take some time to at least consider how he might best be able to coherently espouse the views he ostensibly upholds as a Republican.

    It may be that Donald Trump has simply considered himself an American (which is, at least, an improvement over the mindset of the current President) rather than as a party hack. But even so, he should be mindful of what sort of American he will be as President and at least let that mindset positively influence his candidacy.

    How does Donald Trump want to be regarded by those who will ultimately write and read the history books about these times we are living in.
    He likely thinks historians will view George Bush as a clown and Barack Obama as an incompetent.
    Yet, if Donald Trump dares to be honest with himself, at this point of “these times we are living through” he would rightfully be regarded by historians as both a clown and an incompetent if he were to become President today.
    And so Donald Trump should begin now to be the sort of man, as a candidate, that he would like to be regarded as, by historians, as a President.

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