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Reflections of a Conservative Bunny


I started “working” in grassroots in 2010 with a major push in 2012 because I was unhappy with the way the country was going, in particular with Obama’s policies and ideas. I fought for Romney (and lost), licked my wounds and jumped back into the fray because I believed in something bigger and more important than myself.

I believed in America.

For three years I fought the stereotypes thrown at conservatives, that only old, rich, white men were republicans, that the right hated Obama because he was black and we’re all racists… on and on I fought, pulling information, writing blogs, getting on the radio. I was in my own way, ruthless and more dedicated than I probably should have been.

Fast forward to 2015 when a reality TV star decided to run for president – listening to his announcement I laughed and thought surely no one would take this man seriously. Eight months later he is still not only relevant, but somehow leading the party that I had fought so hard to protect, defend and reinvigorate. Americans are MAD, and this man tapped into that anger, removing any and all focus on freedom, of the Constitution, of individual liberty and turning our message into one of hate, division and strife.

Reflecting now, as we get ready for another big day in the primary (tomorrow, eek!) part of me wonders if I am somewhat responsible for helping to create a monster such as Trump, did I feed an angry mob “protein” to pump up this amount of hate by pointing out the wrongs of the federal government? Did I let my own anger cloud what I was really trying to do and blind me to the very real and ugly faction of racists, sexists and bigots on the right?

Or is this simply beyond me… beyond what I can control and do I need to accept I can fight, but my fight only extends so far?

I still believe in America, and I still have hope (take that, BO) that as Americans we will endure, regardless of who sits in the WH.

I think.

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