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The Orange, The Crazy and a Bottle of Yoohoo

The title of this blog sounds like a bad country western song… which isn’t too far from the truth since I’m writing about Trump. – PB

Greetings from a #NeverTrumpSupremacist.

Oh, you didn’t hear? Not only are folks who are against Trump,  “Never Trump,” but apparently we’re also supremacists, along with other feel-good terms like RINO, cuck, whore, slut, GOPe, establishment, die-bitch-die and Cruz Street Walker (my personal favorite). Clearly the #NeverTrump movement is SO belligerent with our facts, actual policy ideas and concerns around a liberal turned republican for five minutes running for president that we in some way are the bad buys. The villains. It’s not the Trump supporters threatening our lives and calling us race traitors and mudsharks who are unkind, no no, it’s those of us insisting the Constitution still matters who are the bullies.

The supremacists if you will.

I guess not wanting an authoritarian like  Trump to represent the party in some way is what makes us “supremacists”… which I suppose is a catchy insult if you’re a brain-dead, drooling, ass-backwards, swallowed his tongue, Branch Trumpidian with an AlwaysTrump tat on your forehead but for the rest of us who are capable of thought, it’s just silly.

Sure, us dastardly ol’ #NeverTrump folks speak out against their orange God and are proactively doing what we can to educate the masses on the joke and fraud the man is but to relate us to a movement of hate? Hrm. I suppose the irony of  Trump supporters accusing others of being hateful is lost on these folks… but I digress.

Wisconsin of course brought out the uber-crazy-on-meth in the Trump supporters, with plenty of chest pounding and screeching about CHEATERS, CUCKS and MEDIA oh my! Those scheming cheese heads and their establishment governor Walker sprinkled magical Cruz dust on the state to keep Wisconsinites from voting for Trump! IT’S TRUE. They dumped a vat of mind-altering drugs that tasted like beer and brats in the water system there just to make sure Trump got screwed by the GOPe. In fact, it was the Soros chem-trails that the government insists aren’t real that cost ol’ Donny the Badger State… you betcha.

The reality in Wisconsin, and in the other states Trump has lost, is that Trump himself is sabotaging his campaign with ignorant behavior, obnoxious talking points and temper tantrums that would make any three-year-old tell him to settle down and take a nap. For the past two weeks watching his campaign has been like watching a soap opera, in fact he should rename the campaign, “The Orange and the Crazy.” His tiny-hand circus is what cost him Wisconsin (and North Dakota, and Texas, and Iowa, and Oklahoma, and Utah, and Maine…) and it may actually cost him a large chunk of his home state of NY if he doesn’t somehow get it together.

So while the #NeverTrump movement is effective and has made an impact, we can’t take full credit for what appears to be the Trump campaign imploding. Ultimately it has been Trump and Trump alone who has hurt himself with voters, he really has been his own undoing.  And luckily we can sit back and watch this bizarre soap opera like good little supremacists, laughing our asses off with a large bowl of popcorn and a bottle of Yoohoo.

Yes, even supremacists drink Yoohoo… look it up.

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