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Strong, admirable and unflappable and the Left hates her

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the chance to put my thoughts down on current events. I spend more time on Twitter of late because I have not had the free time I would like to write more. I know, excuses, excuses. Over the last few weeks, I considered writing (again) about why President Trump tweets like he does, but at this point, if people have not figured it out, what more can I do to explain?

I thought about an entire piece entitled, “People in glass houses,” to cover the ever-widening sphere of powerful men getting entangled in a web of sexual harassment and, in some instances, sexual assault cases. In all honesty, I may cover this at some point because I fear the current tactic is going to backfire in the long run because those who only want to use an accusation as a tool to embarrass or defeat the opposition will end up muddying the waters for the true victims who should be heard. To me, that would be a great travesty. Again, I will leave this for another day.

Instead, I decided to comment on a strong, admirable and unflappable woman who is thrust daily in front of a horde of scum and villainy and never backs down or sinks into an emotional well of self-doubt. She is professional, well-spoken, confident and does not take crap from anyone. For true feminists everywhere, she should be held up as one of the highest examples to which woman can aspire.

However, for the Left, she never will.

Why? Because she has an (R) by her name. Because she works within the current administration. And, because her boss is the current President of the United States of America.

I’m talking about U.S. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Just a few days ago, Jim Acosta with CNN tried to absolve his own network and many others in the mainstream media for when they “accidentally get some things wrong” when reporting about President Trump. However, Sanders did not accept his “aww-shucks” excuse and has no problem going toe-to-toe with both him and others in the room who want to interrupt and keep her from speaking. She cuts through their faux-outrage and owns the conversation and the room.

When I watch her handle a room full of hostile reporters, I am left both in awe and feeling inspired. If  you have taken the time to read my bio, you know I am the father of four daughters. When I watch Sanders at the lectern, I see my own girls up there, taking a stand, doing their job and excelling! It fills me with such happiness to see a woman of such poise and character in the roll of Press Secretary.

Regardless of political persuasion, if you are a true feminist (by that I mean someone who believes women should be able to compete for any position for which they are qualified and be allowed to prosper), you should feel a sense of pride at seeing what she has accomplished. However, that is not the case to many on the Left who hurl non-stop insults and hate in her direction on a daily basis. I have seen women who, in one breath, tout the power of the female sex at rallies and on cable news outlets, only to turn around and unleash horrible personal attacks against her looks, her demeanor and the way she dresses. These disturbing women (usually) on the Left justify their despicable behavior because they do not like President Trump and therefore, any who serve at the behest of the President of the United States of America are not to be admired, but attacked, defiled and made a mockery.

You need go no further than self-proclaimed comedienne, Chelsea Handler, to get a sense of the vile and putrid hate that is unleashed on a near daily basis to the Press Secretary. This is what a supposed “feminist” produces and tweets when it comes to another female in a prominent and respected position:

When asked why she would post something so obviously mean and insulting, shaming someone for their body image, she responded:

Handler, as with most emotionally charged Leftists, cannot actually articulate a solid reason for their hate beyond ascribed tribal lines. All she knows is Sarah is part of the Right and Chelsea is part of the Left which automatically means, anyone on the Right is evil and everyone on the Left is above reproach. That notion abandons the true meaning of feminism in favor of putting the tribe above anything positive gained by a fellow female.

For this reason, most of the current faux-feminists are not really out for the betterment of females in our country or the world. Just ask the women who were the victims of first Governor and then President Bill Clinton about how they were treated by those on the Left. Only now, decades after those women were castigated and mocked have some journalists taken the step to ask, are today’s purveyors of sexual assault empowered by how Bill Clinton was allowed to do the same?

As of this writing, the overwhelming majority of voices on the Left only want to favor those who act a certain way, think a certain way and vote a certain way. Despite their mantra of “inclusiveness” and “understanding” and “openness,” what truly exists in their world-view is a very narrow and obedient group of automatons, forbade from embracing their own uniqueness or personal power. They must all be subservient to the will and the message of the Left. To diverge from that preset path is to no longer be considered a human being.

I hope, in time, the current papier-mache  precepts of what should and should not be admired, what is or is not okay to mock, can be replaced with a more profound view. As a Constitutionalist, I have always been tried to differentiate emotions from logic and reason. I can acknowledge the personal accomplishments of someone who has a different political stance without making it personal. However, until more can find the civility within themselves and in their political circles to do the same, people like Sarah Huckabee Sanders will continue to be personally attacked, mocked and made the brunt of jokes.

For the Chelsea Handler’s of the world I wonder, if it was their daughter or grand-daughter who had risen to such a profound and public position, would they be equally quick to body-shame? Would they embrace bullying tactics because of tribal conceits? Would the easy, baseless and intellectually lazy decision to label someone as ‘evil’ come as readily to their lips, just because of a difference of political persuasion? I somehow do not think that would be so.

Who knows? Though I should not be by now, I am still surprised at the depths to which some allow themselves to sink. While they give themselves congratulatory high-fives, I wonder if they realize the real, lasting damage they are leaving behind?

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