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This is What You Want, This is What You Get

I said I’d be focusing less on the federal government and more on local solutions but, wait, I’m gonna get back to that in just a minute. First, I feel the three ring circus in Washington needs to be called out for what it is.

Regardless of what side you fall on or maybe you’ve made up your own side, the fact is, the Impeachment showdown is how government works. It’s how they settle everything. Everything becomes a political football and nothing is about actual truth or what really works. What you’ve been witnessing is the same format and structure you’ve been asking to settle important issues like healthcare, the environment, education, gun safety, immigration and all the other important things. What a terrible meat grinder to let settle such important issues, eh?

This is why I’ve been Libertarian for all my active political life. And it’s why I have decided from here on out, instead of voting even occasionally to block the worst evil, I’ll keep voting for what I want instead of what I don’t want.

Here’s what I want:

I want real solutions for real issues. Some examples:

Say I want a hamburger. Do I go to Sears or Five Guys?

Say I want a computer. Do I go to Dell or Frank’s Nursery?

Say I want a fix for my broken arm. Do I consult a doctor or a small engine repair man?

Say I want an addition on my house. Do I go to a qualified builder or Victoria’s Secret?

I admit, I’m reaching for a bad joke. But nevertheless, the point is made. When you’re looking for a solution for a need, you go to qualified people and organizations. Government is never it.

I want real solutions to real issues. The Impeachment Trial has demonstrated for all that government doesn’t seek real solutions. It seeks making someone happy regardless of whether the outcome is correct. And it doesn’t seek to make the greatest number happy. Each politician works to make their base solid, screw the rest.

Imagine if a private company servicing a community acted that way. Imagine a builder who routinely didn’t bother checking property borders and just built wherever the highest paying, most influential client wanted. Imagine a farm who let pig waste spill into neighboring fields, imagine a restaurant who only bused the high end of the dining room. Imagine a car company that only bothered fixing and correcting one or two of their models and letting others fail. But that’s how government operates. It takes care of its base, screw the rest.

So let’s not be asking government to solve our problems anymore. Let’s stick with qualified people who want to grow their own reputation and business by helping as many as they can. Note that every business and person providing a service does better when they get referrals. Politicians are simply happy with the base they have, not really interested in taking on new clients.

I may be flogging a dead horse but each opportunity government demonstrates it’s not for you is worth pointing out. So expect more as long as we keep asking government to solve issues for us.

Now on to our regularly scheduled program.



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