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Orange Man Bad

In one of my last posts here at FreedomCocktail, I ended it with “Now on to our regularly scheduled program.” And that program was a planned series of articles addressing political topics and presenting libertarian solutions. Oh boy did that get plowed over in a hurry for various reasons.

The news cycle changes nearly hourly and the big to-do the past few months has been the horrid novel coronovirus COVID19 and its impact on the world. Due to this, posting articles about the war on drugs or guns or quite frankly, anything else seemed futile. With record high unemployment numbers, then the death of George Floyd and violent protests and illness and another most important election of our lifetimes ahead, it felt like anything said on topics more than asking people to please remain calm was better left for another time. So I took a pause here but feel that before you forget we’re still here, here’s a short post about that last point.

It’s typical to hear “this is the most important election in our lifetimes” and I’ve been through several of them. But I’ve always seen through the hype and claims of danger if we vote for the other side. Which is why I’ve always voted Libertarian. However, this election does seem truly important. Trump is undoubtedly a Russian asset, beholden to Russian mafia interests and an all around ignoramus who presents a clear and present danger to the country. He has to go. And the Republican Party has demonstrated their lack of interest in small government, individual rights, but has spent a good deal of time covering for their boss. I’ve wrote about the GOP’s failings and their allegiance to Trump so many times it’s exhausting to see my requests for them to change course were duly ignored.

At any rate, I’m a realist and understand that although magic sometimes happens, a Libertarian isn’t going to be president this year. This election is either going to see another four years of Trump or another four years of the Obama Administration. The country can absorb another four years of typical Democrat governance. But the country can not absorb another four years of strong-man, ignoramus, anti-science, authoritarian, narcissistic, nepotistic, Trump.

So this election, I’m for the first time not voting libertarian for president. I’m not practicing what I preach which is to not vote for the lesser of two evils.  I’m giving my vote to Joe Biden, the only one that has a clear chance to return the country away from Orange Man Bad.

Trump loyalists have claimed we Never Trumpers don’t like him for no good reason so they use Orange Man Bad as if we haven’t thought out why. But we have thought out why and yes, Orange Man is bad. So every time they say it, I’m like, well, yeah. That’s exactly why. It’s not an insult. It’s a fact.

So I’m going with Joe Biden not because I’m in favor of his policies. Not all of them. But we simply can’t afford what Trump is and what he continues to do. Orange Man is bad. He’s gotta go. And along with him the entire roster of the Republican Party who have been complicit.

And with that, I close with a link that gives all the reasons why Orange Man is bad which is better written than anything I could do on the subject.

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