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Republicans Cannot Complain if…

A list of things Democrats can now do that Republicans cannot complain about:

Democrats can spend as freely as they want. Under the Trump Administration, federal spending bloated more than under Obama. There is no such thing as fiscal conservative.

Democrats can invade any country they want. The Bush Administration put a permanent foothold in the Middle East to maintain oil. The Trump Administration didn’t change that.

Democrats can give special favors to friends and businesses, including asking other countries for quid pro quos.

Democrats may promote family members to high positions as Trump gave out to his daughter and son-in-law. Nepotism is acceptable now.

Democrats may lie, lie, lie and lie again. They may lie about anything regardless how easy it is to see it’s a lie.

Democrats may befriend extreme organizations to forward their goals as Trump and his minions did nothing to quell white supremacy or even put it on a terrorism map. In fact, after not accepting the legally won election of Joe Biden for president, Trump pushed the Big Lie; that is, the lie that the election was rigged and that he actually won. This propaganda culminated on January 6, 2021 with Trump supporters rioting and breaking into the nation’s Capitol Building.

Democrats may campaign without revealing their tax returns.

Democrats may now cozy up with their dictators of choice, ignoring abuses from said dictators even if shown to be aggressors against the United States; the most heinous during Trump’s Administration for which he did nothing about was Russia putting bounties on American soldiers serving in Afghanistan.

Democrats may now intimidate anyone that goes against their agenda. They may even call for prosecution of political opponents.

Democrats may benefit financially from their government positions by holding official meetings and gatherings on self-owned private property such as hotels, golf courses, etc.

Speaking of golfing, Democrats may hit the little ball as often as they like instead of working.

Democrats may freely attack the fourth estate and call anyone with differing opinions “fake news” and even suggest closing down publications not in their favor.

Democrats may give preferential treatment to anyone based on identity. Trump and his enablers have attacked Mexicans and “shit hole countries” among others. Democrats may give favor or not to identities of their choice.

Democrats can violate campaign finance laws.

Democrats can be as immoral as they’d like: Cheat on their spouses, pay off sex-workers, engage in locker room talk, denigrate another sex, race, social standing, etc.

Democrats can dismiss the Constitution and say things like, “the President has ultimate power.”

This is not a comprehensive list.

Hopefully, the Democrats do NOT engage in this behavior and instead, take the higher road and spend time on policy and good governance * with good conduct. That’s why I voted for them in 2020.

I would have preferred to stay on course and vote who I actually wanted (Libertarian) verse against someone. But this 2020 election it was important to get the person out that did all the things listed above. For the first time, I became a one issue voter: Decency.

Without decent, civil discourse, the only option left is war. And that’s what Trump and his enablers chose to do the last four years. The party of “fuck your feelings” and lapping up liberal tears chose to be rude and lied and worked with a feeling of superiority which was never earned. They felt justified in acting this way with Trump at the helm, a mafia boss-like person who never apologizes, never admits a mistake and feels free to live in a world of his own creation, be damned the truth. His enablers chose to participate in this world of his own creation, never telling the emperor he had no clothes. And because of this, it is my opinion they should no longer be allowed a seat at the table of American politics, to be in a position of influence. They’ve demonstrated they will take the side of the person described above as long as he’s on their team instead of taking a position of ethics and policy choices. This could be seen in the 2020 Republican Platform which simply read that whatever Donald Trump wanted, they wanted. And demonstrated to the point of insurrection by senators and congressmen/women challenging the election on January 6, 2021 that led to the storming of the Capitol by people fed conspiracy theories and false information.

Now a note on that asterisks above: I expect to disagree with the new administration, mainly on economic policies. I’ll probably do alright with social policies as us libertarians can line up with democrats in this realm. But it’ll be good to get back to civil debate and argument attempting to convince people that libertarian positions are the best. Because in the last four years, if you disagreed, you were just a libtard or something, conversation over.

And finally, despite what I’ve said above, it will be impossible to reach everyone. Some are so far deep into the Cult of Trump that getting them out will require work of professionals much more capable than I. And my years of championing atheism and seeing the push back from people of faith (having no facts to back up their religious convictions) tells me my life is better spent with people not that far gone but fence sitters at the very most. Those caught up in Qanon and/or white supremacy come to mind as people who don’t deserve my time.

So one more time, Republicans cannot complain if the Democrats engage in the behavior their guy engaged in the last four years. But let’s hope the Democrats choose not to.

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