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Dr. Fauci Emails, Gain of Function, Connecting the Dots and Natural Immunity

In this episode, I break down many of the revelations from the emails of Dr. Fauci related to the entire Covid-19 pandemic. The emails, released through a Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”), confirm what may of us have been trying to say, he has not been truthful at all. We have the leader of public health in our country, saying one thing to the public at large and the opposite to his colleagues. His stance on masks, on HCQ, the virus’s origin, funding gain-of-function research and overall public health guidelines have been nothing short of willful incompetence.

There has been a focused and dedicated decision at the highest levels of government and public health to work with the big tech social media outlets in preventing the sharing of actual information in favor of the spread of their chosen narratives. What’s shocking is how they knew their narratives were not correct, not rooted in “science” and meant to protect themselves and their relationships with China. 

Finally, in my discussion, we look to natural immunity and recovery and how it is not being given even an ounce of discussion. The fact is, getting the virus and recovering is going to be at least as good as, if not better, than getting a vaccine to prevent future illness. There is no research at all to suggest otherwise, yet public health only knows one mantra — get the vaccine. While it is great we have a vaccine for those in the high risk categories, we should not be ignoring our body’s natural immunity gained from recovery.  

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