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Chinese Communist Party money tied to professors and public health

In this episode, I discuss the Chinese Communist Party and their monetary influence in higher education and public health. The original on-air broadcast was heard on July 5 on WSB Radio in Atlanta, GA. WSB can be heard on 95.5FM, AM750, using the WBS Radio app, iHeart Radio app or by going to the WSB Radio website

Before getting to the subject, I spend a few minutes discussing news and how there is no longer one source for everything you need. News is packaged and marketed to a targeted audience. You need to be aware of that when you consume the news. Headlines are crafted as click-bait, getting you to go to their site where they make money on your visit. Oftentimes, the headline will lead you to believe one thing, while the meat of the story says another. But, hardly anyone goes past the 30 second sound bite or the first paragraph. Social media is founded on the notion that a handful of words and a clever meme is all you need to become an instant expert. 

Because of what I do, I need to read as much as I can, from as many sources as I can. I must understand the subject as deeply as possible before I can provide any analysis. I mention one of my favorite quotes from George S. Patton, “If everyone is thinking the same, then no one is thinking.” There is nothing wrong with challenging your information or ideas. Healthy discourse is a positive activity. It helps you reshape your own opinion or, conversely, may serve to strengthen it. 

This leads to my main topic of Chinese Communist Party influence in many areas of Western society. Today, I focus specifically on a professor at Columbia who wanted to squash any thoughts Covid-19 came from the Wuhan Lab. It took a year and Freedom of Information Request (FOIA) to get thousands of pages of emails released from Dr. Fauci. Many of them were heavily redacted. But, the picture has become more and more clear in the last few months. There was a concerted effort on the part of those in academia and public health to protect their Chinese friends and investors and the expense of telling the truth. 

And it goes even more afoul when we look at big tech and social media. The Libertarian part of my brain has always understood a private company can choose to limit speech. The First Amendment exists to protect us from the Government, not Facebook. However, when we discover members of public health, specifically, Dr. Fauci, trading emails with the CEO of Facebook, we are now in a different scenario. Government is using it’s influence to manipulate the business decisions of a private company. This is an infringement of the First Amendment via backdoor methods. We look back to a year ago and realize how much truth was censored and how many possible medicines and therapeutics could have been implemented sooner. But, many in government, the scientific community and public health did not want to give the former president any wins at all. They held the health of our citizens and those of the world secondary to their emotional hatred of Donald Trump. What’s worse, they were more worried about protecting the Chinese Communist Party, rather than telling the truth, especially if it meant siding with President Trump. 

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