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Dr. Fauci Decries Two Americas

In this episode, I spend some time mocking my favorite target for derision and buffoonery, Dr. Fauci. Just as we are celebrating the 245th birthday of the United States of America, Dr. Fauci decries two Americas in his Sunday talk-show tour. 

This is taken from the first hour from July 5, 2021 when I was on WSB Radio in Atlanta, Georgia. Before I can get to topic, breaking local news of a triple homicide investigation is ongoing, so I get a chance to speak with reporter, Robyn Walensky. (As of the time of this piece being published, the suspect has been found and apprehended.) 

To setup the discussion where Dr. Fauci decries two Americas, I talk about freedom and how our Founding Fathers wanted to be sure to craft a government unlike any other in history. They wanted to be sure the individual was just as protected as any group. Plus, they never wanted to see power so centralized as to resemble that of a monarchy or a dictatorship. In those forms of government, a single entity or group can have complete control over the populace. 

With that in mind, I address the stupidity (ongoing stupidity, to be honest) of Dr. Fauci and his two Americas. He continuously puts the mantle of “Science-Man” across his chest, then destroys all notions of science. It’s as though we are just supposed to take him at his word simply because he evokes the word science, while contradicting all we know about how viruses work and how our immune system works. He has flip-flopped more than a fish out of water and yet he still holds sway over a large number of mindless zealots. At the heart of his prattle, what’s the point of being vaccinated. He still thinks people need to wear cloth masks, which has never worked in 40+ years of studies of airborne virus transmission, even if vaccinated. He does nothing to instill confidence in the vaccine or in man’s natural ability to create long-term immunity from recovery. 

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