Dr. Tim Ryan
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First Amendment, Maricopa County audit and Interview with Dr Tim Ryan

This episode originally aired on July 17, 2021. This portion of the show contains all of the topics discussed in the second full hour of the on-air radio broadcast, featuring an interview with Dr. Tim Ryan of the Physician’s Practice. To open, I remind the audience about the wording of the First Amendment. The White House is playing cute with backdoor censorship of free speech and if allowed, it won’t just be Covid-19 information they will want to control. This leads to the recent presentation of the election audit taking place in Maricopa County, AZ.

There are several significant questions and problems, but the audit team wants to make sure they do not make the wrong conclusions. They want to have additional information provided to help determine if the errors can be explained by clerical mistakes. We should not want to lock down the conversation nor the investigation to make sure we are always improving the integrity of the vote.

As the opening monologue segues, I welcome Dr. Tim Ryan to the show to discuss the Delta variant. We also talk about the difference between the terms, “positive test,” and an actual, “case,” of something. This leads to the definition of vaccine and why are some 100% effective, yet others not even close, yet share the same lable? The mixed messaging behind the vaccine, the obfuscation of data and the fear mongering are all on the rise.

In the midst of this, the White House is actively seeking to force Facebook (and other social media entities) to censor information they do not like. We finish with a discussion over the irrational push of making those 18 and younger to take the vaccine. The other effects on the population from all of the fear and hand-wringing will likely be far worse on the population that anything Covid ever did.

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