Anti-establishment becomes establishment
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When anti-establishment becomes the establishment

In this episode, I wonder when did anti-establishment become the establishment? When did the hippies of the 60's and 70's, who made their fortunes on being anti-government, anti-big business, anti-censorship -- basically anti-establishment, decide they are now part of the establishment? It's something I cannot wrap my mind around. But first, I open todays' show… Continue reading When anti-establishment becomes the establishment

Ken Ulrich
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Missing a part of us

In this episode, I break away (mostly) from the news of the day to talk about the passing of my father-in-law. Life is not all rainbows and unicorns. Adversity hits, often when least expected. What had been booked as a travel weekend for my wife to fly to her dad's is now a flight for… Continue reading Missing a part of us

Ministry of Truth
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The Ministry of Truth draws near

In this episode, I weave together several current events stories with a common strand running through them all. Leftist leaders and unhinged victims of the current mass psychosis are laser-focused on making sure The Ministry of Truth draws near. They want to censor anything that does not meet with their preapproval. They do not want… Continue reading The Ministry of Truth draws near

Biden punish Desantis
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Biden’s petulant move to punish Desantis

In this episode, I remind everyone about yesterday's topic covering virtue signaling. It makes for a perfect lead-in to today's discussion, where the Biden administration is acting like a petulant child in punishing the state of Florida. Yes, Biden's petulant move to punish Governor Ron DeSantis reveals just how weak and feckless this President is.… Continue reading Biden’s petulant move to punish Desantis

Virtue signaling, Ukraine and Covid vaccine roundtable
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Virtue signaling, Ukraine and Covid vaccine roundtable

In this episode, I start off explaining the problem with virtue signaling. First, it's almost never about being honest to your core. It does not reflect truth. What it does is allow someone to utter some platitude that is politically expedient, while trying to look virtuous about it. Since it's only about political expediency, your… Continue reading Virtue signaling, Ukraine and Covid vaccine roundtable

Democrat shellacking
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The coming Democrat shellacking

In this episode, I use the latest NBC News polling data to discuss the coming Democrat shellacking. That wasn't my term, but since that's what Chuck Todd called in on Meet the Press this past weekend, I thought I'd stick with it. First, let's understand the media polls almost always oversample Democrat voters as compared… Continue reading The coming Democrat shellacking

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Glimpses of sanity in a Covid-mad world

In this episode, I am happy to see glimpses of sanity in a Covid-mad world. Here are some of the highlights from the last few weeks. The CDC admitted cloth masks do not work. EU scientists realized the virus cannot be beat with non-stop boosters. The WHO worries boosters may weaken or burn out the… Continue reading Glimpses of sanity in a Covid-mad world

Biden press conference an epic fail
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Biden press conference an epic fail

In this episode, I conclude the Biden press conference was an epic fail. The analysis begins with the first question asked by a pre-selected reporter. Did this administration over-promise on their agenda? Incredulously, with all of the horrible news hitting the Administration, President Biden says he over-performed what anyone thought he would do. It's amazing… Continue reading Biden press conference an epic fail

Political theater and ending free speech
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Political theater and ending free speech

In this episode, I begin wondering why the Democrats continue to debate the filibuster and the Voter Protection Act. It was obvious from last week's events, the attempt to federalize elections is dead. President Joe Biden was so mad about it he let a little bit of truth leak from his lips. He said the… Continue reading Political theater and ending free speech

Authoritarianism in Biden Administration
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Authoritarianism in the Biden administration

In this episode, I discuss authoritarianism in the Biden administration. Right on the heels of my thoughts yesterday about children and adversity, we see a call to censor the podcaster, Joe Rogan. Right after President Joe Biden makes a plea for social media and media outlets to put a stop to misinformation and disinformation on… Continue reading Authoritarianism in the Biden administration

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would not reward weakness
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Dr. King would not reward weakness

In this episode, I take a moment to remember one of the great speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Not his, "I Have a Dream," speech -- which is marvelous in and of itself. Instead, my favorite is one that very few know and is rarely heard. It is his street sweeper speech. However,… Continue reading Dr. King would not reward weakness

Not who votes but who counts the vote
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Not about who votes but who counts the vote

In this episode, I break down just how bad it's been for President Joe Biden over the last few days. The inflation number was released and it's at a 40 year high. A Quinnipiac poll has the President at just 33% favorability after only one year in office. The Supreme Court voted down the OSHA… Continue reading Not about who votes but who counts the vote

So many things wrong
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They got so many things wrong

In this episode I remind the audience how new media seems to always be 12 to 18 months ahead of mainstream outlets. At the start of the pandemic, any discussion over the virus being created in a lab would get you de-platformed. Discussion of gain-of-function research was dismissed as conspiracy theory. Suggesting the vaccine isn't… Continue reading They got so many things wrong

Voting laws and the filibuster
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Voting laws and the filibuster

In this episode I comment on President Joe Biden's latest failed attempt to paint all Republicans as member of the Ku Klux Klan. Last week, the narrative was to try using the anniversary of the Capitol riot as a way to paint the whole GOP as violent, domestic terrorist insurrectionists. After a week, that attempt… Continue reading Voting laws and the filibuster