Biden press conference an epic fail
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Biden press conference an epic fail

In this episode, I conclude the Biden press conference was an epic fail. The analysis begins with the first question asked by a pre-selected reporter. Did this administration over-promise on their agenda? Incredulously, with all of the horrible news hitting the Administration, President Biden says he over-performed what anyone thought he would do. It's amazing… Continue reading Biden press conference an epic fail

Political theater and ending free speech
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Political theater and ending free speech

In this episode, I begin wondering why the Democrats continue to debate the filibuster and the Voter Protection Act. It was obvious from last week's events, the attempt to federalize elections is dead. President Joe Biden was so mad about it he let a little bit of truth leak from his lips. He said the… Continue reading Political theater and ending free speech

Authoritarianism in Biden Administration
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Authoritarianism in the Biden administration

In this episode, I discuss authoritarianism in the Biden administration. Right on the heels of my thoughts yesterday about children and adversity, we see a call to censor the podcaster, Joe Rogan. Right after President Joe Biden makes a plea for social media and media outlets to put a stop to misinformation and disinformation on… Continue reading Authoritarianism in the Biden administration

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would not reward weakness
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Dr. King would not reward weakness

In this episode, I take a moment to remember one of the great speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Not his, "I Have a Dream," speech -- which is marvelous in and of itself. Instead, my favorite is one that very few know and is rarely heard. It is his street sweeper speech. However,… Continue reading Dr. King would not reward weakness

Not who votes but who counts the vote
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Not about who votes but who counts the vote

In this episode, I break down just how bad it's been for President Joe Biden over the last few days. The inflation number was released and it's at a 40 year high. A Quinnipiac poll has the President at just 33% favorability after only one year in office. The Supreme Court voted down the OSHA… Continue reading Not about who votes but who counts the vote

So many things wrong
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They got so many things wrong

In this episode I remind the audience how new media seems to always be 12 to 18 months ahead of mainstream outlets. At the start of the pandemic, any discussion over the virus being created in a lab would get you de-platformed. Discussion of gain-of-function research was dismissed as conspiracy theory. Suggesting the vaccine isn't… Continue reading They got so many things wrong

Voting laws and the filibuster
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Voting laws and the filibuster

In this episode I comment on President Joe Biden's latest failed attempt to paint all Republicans as member of the Ku Klux Klan. Last week, the narrative was to try using the anniversary of the Capitol riot as a way to paint the whole GOP as violent, domestic terrorist insurrectionists. After a week, that attempt… Continue reading Voting laws and the filibuster

CDC has become a punchline
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The CDC has become a punchline

In this episode, I discuss just how poor the CDC messaging continues to be. And it's not just me. CNN's own Brian Stelter literally said, "The CDC has become a punchline." He isn't wrong. He interviewed a guest on his show just two days ago, Dr. Lucy McBride, who said fear and the stoking of… Continue reading The CDC has become a punchline

Freedom Mass Formation Psychosis
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Freedom vs mass formation psychosis

In today's episode I find myself aware how tenuous the notions of freedom are, especially when faced with fear. Freedom is easily pushed aside while under a mass hypnosis. To understand how we got here, we first revisit the teachings of Machiavelli. Though a ruler can rule by loving his subjects, love is a fickle… Continue reading Freedom vs mass formation psychosis

Failures of public health
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The failures of public health

In this episode, I breakdown many of the known failures of public health related to it's Covid response. The fact is, so many doctors now know those policies aren't working and it doesn't seem to matter. We have put just about all of our eggs in the "vaccine" basket and it's easier to tell people… Continue reading The failures of public health

Insurrection Day
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Insurrection Day

In this episode, though it was the last subject I wanted to cover, I dive head-long into, "Insurrection Day!" I had planned on looking at some of the comments from Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins University. But, after listening to the speeches of President Biden and VP Harris, I knew I had to address… Continue reading Insurrection Day

Dr. Tim Ryan, vaccinations and Omicron
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Tim Ryan, M.D., discusses policies, vaccinations and Omicron

In this episode, I open with a reminder that the vaccine does not stop the spread of Covid-19 nor does it prevent you from coming down with the Omicron variant. I am still perplexed why so many doctors know this, but are either forced to play along or are unwilling to push back. Dr. Peter… Continue reading Tim Ryan, M.D., discusses policies, vaccinations and Omicron

Social media is today's digital town square
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Social media is today’s digital town square

In today's episode, I do my best to tackle the notions of social media being solely a private enterprise. This is often the only argument offered as to why it's okay for "Big Tech" to de-platform voices they don't like. It's one thing if these supposedly private companies want to alienate a portion of it's… Continue reading Social media is today’s digital town square

Cloth masks and vaccinating healthy young people
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Cloth masks and vaccinating young, healthy people

Today's show discusses the uselessness of cloth masks and how the mainstream media is finally saying this. Experts on both CNN and MSNBC have explained cloth masks are ineffective against an airborne virus like Covid. From there I discuss the stupidity of giving anyone aged 5-24 this mRNA vaccine. Not only are the youth at… Continue reading Cloth masks and vaccinating young, healthy people