Dr. Tim Ryan, vaccinations and Omicron
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Tim Ryan, M.D., discusses policies, vaccinations and Omicron

In this episode, I open with a reminder that the vaccine does not stop the spread of Covid-19 nor does it prevent you from coming down with the Omicron variant. I am still perplexed why so many doctors know this, but are either forced to play along or are unwilling to push back.

Dr. Peter McCullough, in his podcast show notes published today, documents these same findings from multiple sources and studies. Moreover, he goes on to say even natural immunity is not enough to prevent an Omicron infection. However, he points out studies show an Omicron infection seems to leave behind immunity for not only Omicron, but also all of the prior variants. The vaccines do nothing to stop an Omicron infection, so the notion of a booster is ridiculous. We are going to have to learn to treat Covid, because we are not going to be able to stop it.

From there, I discuss these very same issues from a recent interview I had with Dr. Tim Ryan, who is a private practitioner and who is not beholden to a corporate board or hospital. He deals with real people on a daily basis and brings a practical approach to healthcare. He sees the policies of the last 18 months as being disastrous. Vaccines should be used for the elderly and those at most risk and should not be given to children. The ongoing psychological damage being done to school age children is going to be a pandemic of its own. We have to stop promoting fear and anxiety as a means to secure compliance.

There is an old saying that says once you fool somone long enough, they would rather remain fooled than to admit that have been fooled. We are seeing that mass formation psychosis in full effect when we know the answers we’ve been given are wrong, and yet we continue to accept what they keep demanding we do.

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1 thought on “Tim Ryan, M.D., discusses policies, vaccinations and Omicron”

  1. It is the continuity of psychological mass manipulation, if it is not a made-up god, then it is a so-called democratic society, then it is a manipulated medical business world that only thinks of itself and not of the patient. Indeed, many doctors play along because they are attached to the cult that supposedly protects them when they are supposed to protect the patients.

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