Failures of public health
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The failures of public health

In this episode, I breakdown many of the known failures of public health related to it’s Covid response. The fact is, so many doctors now know those policies aren’t working and it doesn’t seem to matter. We have put just about all of our eggs in the “vaccine” basket and it’s easier to tell people it is the only solution rather than admit they were wrong. The human ego is such a powerful force. It is very hard to admit you were wrong or take the blame for your own actions. It’s always easier to blame others. Let’s blame the unvaccinated. Let’s blame the non-mask wearers. Let’s blame red states. No matter how you want to allocate blame, none of those hold up to the fact Omicron ignores the vaccine.

In fact, as one recent study from the UK found, the more vaccine you have been given, the higher the chance you will catch Omicron. If you have never listened to me before, you may think I am anti-vaccine. I have NEVER been that. I have always thought they were a great tool to help the elderly, the sick and the most vulnerable to keep from getting a serious infection. But, I have never been for a mass mandate. I have never understood why we ignored treatment or assumed we would never have to treat patients again, as if we could get to Covid zero. We were told we will defeat Covid-19 if we just mask up and get vaccinated, but we know that is not true.

Dr. Marty Makary with Johns Hopkins was recently on a news show, frustrated at the many failures of public health. He is also disappointed at the number of doctors who are afraid to speak up or push back. Mostly, Dr. Makary worries about the emotional and psychological harm public health has inflicted on our younger population, to include college-aged and young working adults.

And while we are finally seeing stories about how overall health factors into a person’s Covid response, it may be too little too late. One doctor recently suggested unvaccinated people should be shunned, shamed and punished into submission, still towing the line that we just need more people vaccinated to “win the war” against Covid. We know it cannot be defeated, so why are we still following the policies meant to convince us it is still possible?

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