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Freedom vs mass formation psychosis

In today’s episode I find myself aware how tenuous the notions of freedom are, especially when faced with fear. Freedom is easily pushed aside while under a mass hypnosis. To understand how we got here, we first revisit the teachings of Machiavelli. Though a ruler can rule by loving his subjects, love is a fickle emotion. People turn on those they love all the time. Therefore, Machiavelli believed fear was the better way to control the people.

From there, I look at the work by the psychologist, Dr. Mattias Desmet from Belgium. He believes there are four conditions necessary for a people to willfully give up their freedom. First, they need to be in a state of isolation or have their social interactions signficantly limited. Next, it is important to remove all of the positive or engaging parts of people’s lives, making them feel hopeless or aimless. Third, keep the people under a state of constant fear and anxiety. Finally, provide an all-encompassing solution to the problem from someone considered nearly infallible and then you will induce a mass formation psychosis.

This form of groupthink will cause those under the psychosis to reject facts, logic and reason in favor of the belief in whatever the trusted leader is saying. This gives the aimless and powerless a sense of control.. They will cling to that power for as long as possible and reject anything which may weaken it. However, over time, as more people realize the lie they have been sold, they will awaken from their psychosis and begin to see how they have been misled.

It’s a frustrating time, when even members of the Supreme Court of the United States of America are found to be repeating the lies (or making up whole new ones). We must stay strong, share the information we have as much as we can and hope our voices will be heard sooner rather than later.

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