Voting laws and the filibuster
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Voting laws and the filibuster

In this episode I comment on President Joe Biden’s latest failed attempt to paint all Republicans as member of the Ku Klux Klan. Last week, the narrative was to try using the anniversary of the Capitol riot as a way to paint the whole GOP as violent, domestic terrorist insurrectionists. After a week, that attempt didn’t seem to catch fire with the American people. So, onto the State of Georgia to claim, once again, voter suppression.

The man who ran on being a uniter, managed to bring such a dismal attack attempt at Republicans, most of the Leftist groups in Georgia chose to boycot his appearance. President Biden declares he cannot get voter rights passed while the filibuster is in place. He wants it removed because the majority should have absolute authority to do whatever it wants. This is, of course, a huge turn for him. A champion of the tool of the filibuster for years, suddenly, it’s in his way and he wants to change the rules.

To illustrate the depth of this hypocrisy, we use Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer’s, own words. It’s so easy to point out the political games they play by simply using their speeches. Amazingly, a once stauch advocate for the filibuster, now Chucky Schumer wants to elminate it so Democrates can get their way.

Let’s be clear, they know they have until November to ram through as much as they can on their radical agenda. The filibuster is stopping them until the midterms arrive. They know, once the “red wave” hits, there will be no chance to advance their goals of fundamentally transforming our country. The filibuster is meant to slow down emotional decision-making and to prevent the majority from wielding power unchecked. It’s a tool that cuts both ways and is operating at the Founding Fathers intended. 

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