So many things wrong
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They got so many things wrong

In this episode I remind the audience how new media seems to always be 12 to 18 months ahead of mainstream outlets. At the start of the pandemic, any discussion over the virus being created in a lab would get you de-platformed. Discussion of gain-of-function research was dismissed as conspiracy theory. Suggesting the vaccine isn’t the one-size-fits-all answer and we will not get to Covid zero would get you thrown into social media jail.

Journalists are supposed to be interested in the truth. Or, at the very least, factual information. Oftentimes, there will be conflicting information or dissenting opinions. The journalist should be there to present the information in a way that gives us a chance to hear all sides and make up our own minds. However, when they take their marching orders from the upper echelon of the Democrat party or public health without any skepticism, we are no longer getting news — we are getting propaganda.

Our leaders in public health and the Democrat party have gotten so many things wrong with the response to Covid, but continue to demand blind loyalty and obedience. President Biden made a plea today to social media and media outlets to stop all “disinformation or misinformation” from airing on their platforms. With all they have gotten wrong before, why wouldn’t we demand to know more information and not the same talking points regurgitated day after day? How much longer can they continue to be wrong and retain any credibility whatsoever?

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