Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would not reward weakness
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Dr. King would not reward weakness

In this episode, I take a moment to remember one of the great speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Not his, “I Have a Dream,” speech — which is marvelous in and of itself. Instead, my favorite is one that very few know and is rarely heard. It is his street sweeper speech.

However, to fully understand the impact and see it’s relevance for today, we need to remind ourselves just how weak we have become. First, I quote from a person who works in a “Big Tech” firm, explaining what it is like to work there. The atmosphere is heavy, depressive, anxiety-inducing and bleak due to the take-over of the woke mindset. The Millennials and the Gen-Z workforce has been so insulated from any real adversity for so long, they lack even the simplest of coping mechanisms to deal with the real world. They were insulated and protected for so long, never given the chance to fail and learn from failure at a young age. It’s no wonder we are seeing mental health issues, specifically around depression, anxiety and even suicide, at startling highs for our nation.

All societies and civilizations have ebbs and flows. One way of tracking this cycle is looking at the fortitude of the population. A weak population creates hard times; hard times lead to a stronger population; a stronger population leads to good times; good times leads to weakness. Strength does not come for rewarding mediocrity or assigning greatness without an accomplishment. It comes from being battle-tested and scarred from the trials and tribulations of the real world.

Which brings us to Dr. King’s street sweeper speech. After playing the first part of the speech, heard in the context of our current society, isn’t more important than ever to stop the coddling, stop rewarding the bed-wetters while punishing the successful? If you don’t have real experience on which to draw, you will lose control in a short amount of time.

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