Authoritarianism in Biden Administration
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Authoritarianism in the Biden administration

In this episode, I discuss authoritarianism in the Biden administration. Right on the heels of my thoughts yesterday about children and adversity, we see a call to censor the podcaster, Joe Rogan. Right after President Joe Biden makes a plea for social media and media outlets to put a stop to misinformation and disinformation on their shows, we get Jessica Rivera on CNN talking about warning labels and censorship of Rogan’s show on Spotify. Then, we get a letter, co-authored by Rivera, claiming she and 270 other signatories are physicians, demanding that Spotify needs to stop Joe Rogan.

What we are seeing are a bunch of whiny, insufferable brats in the administration who cannot handle having their ideas challenged. They will not stand for differing points of view, regardless of the source. They would like to see a Ministry of Truth installed to make sure all information released to the people must first go through government censors.

The point is further illustrated thanks to an interview with former Democrat Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard. She is concerned over the obvious authoritarian push from the Biden administration. When the Assistant AG says Americans with different ideologies and grievances are akin to domestic terrorists, that’s a problem. When he goes on to say these people are anti-government and anti-authority are why they need a domestic terror task force, we are watching the start of an authoritarian regime. Gabbard says that is not what our Constitution allows and all Americans need to be concerned over the direction of the Joe Biden administration.

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