Political theater and ending free speech
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Political theater and ending free speech

In this episode, I begin wondering why the Democrats continue to debate the filibuster and the Voter Protection Act. It was obvious from last week’s events, the attempt to federalize elections is dead. President Joe Biden was so mad about it he let a little bit of truth leak from his lips. He said the laws passed by the states wasn’t about who could vote, but gets to count the vote. Yet, Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer keeps trying to debate the issue. Does he think he will wear down Senators Sinema or Manchin?

Then it occurred to me. They are setting the stage for their impending mid-term losses. They are sowing seeds of doubt over the integrity of the upcoming election cycle. On top of that, Schumer knows he has to play the game, pretending to push the radical Leftist move to keep AOC and the radical wing of his party from trying to primary him. So, while Senator Amy Klobuchar goes back on her own words from 2018 by saying the filibuster is not about forcing compromise, Senator Schumer is engaging in political theater. It’s every bit as scripted as professional wrestling, complete with sub-plots, good guys, bad guys and a predetermined outcome.

As a closing thought, a letter has surfaced from the National Education Association. It seems NEA President Becky Pringle asked social media platforms to “stamp out” the postings of critics over its support for Critical Race Theory and related teaching materials. Think about that for a moment. Educators in our country, once fervent supporters of free-speech, are lining up to embrace a modern version of book-burning. Our politicians are playing political games for show while our educators are indoctrinating our children behind our backs. And, having been caught doing so, rather than defend their ideas, would rather see any contrarian views expelled.

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