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Glimpses of sanity in a Covid-mad world

In this episode, I am happy to see glimpses of sanity in a Covid-mad world. Here are some of the highlights from the last few weeks. The CDC admitted cloth masks do not work. EU scientists realized the virus cannot be beat with non-stop boosters. The WHO worries boosters may weaken or burn out the immune system. Israel admits they made many mistakes, including their lockdowns, stopping kids from going to school, implementing a vaccine passport and pushing repeat boosters. The CDC admits those who had natural immunity fared better against the Delta variant as compared to those vaccinated. And, the WHO says there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest children or adolescents need boosters.

In light of these recent changes in policy, countries in Europe are beginning to announce they are done with the pandemic. All mandates or passports are going to be stopped. Even the Department of Health in San Francisco tweeted they were no longer going to push policies for Covid zero, choosing instead to focus on treating those with severe cases. The information available to these public health leaders 12-18 months ago is finally creeping into their talking points. But, why now? Why the instant changes from the CDC, the WHO and public health?

I then bring up the latest scientific paper showing strong concerns the mRNA vaccines can lead to a host of issues, including a weakend immune system, enlarged hearts, neurological diseases and other organ-related issues. These papers have been slowly published worldwide for the last several months and seem to be gaining momentum. I hope I am wrong in tying that research to why countries are finally bringing sanity in a Covid-mad world. I don’t want to even think about a future where people have weakened immunity or other serious health issues as a result of following the mandates foisted upon us all.

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