Democrat shellacking
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The coming Democrat shellacking

In this episode, I use the latest NBC News polling data to discuss the coming Democrat shellacking. That wasn’t my term, but since that’s what Chuck Todd called in on Meet the Press this past weekend, I thought I’d stick with it. First, let’s understand the media polls almost always oversample Democrat voters as compared to Republican. Someone can probably explain why they do it, but that’s how it’s been done most of my lifetime. So, if the polls are this bad when a liberal-leaning news entity conducts the poll, you have to believe it’s actually worse.

President Biden made it clear last week in his press conference, he thinks he is doing an amazing job. He has no plans to change the course of his Administration. With that said, I pull several of the quotes of self-identified independent and Democrat voters who have been asked what it will take to make them feel like voting for Joe Biden again. It’s startling to hear their honest concerns. The issues most Americans are facing are not the ones the Administration seems willing to focus on or address. Because of that, Biden’s numbers are still tanking. He is losing Democrat voter interest in urban areas, in the 18-49 age demographic and with black Americans. Americans no longer feel the Federal government is capable of addressing large issues. And, when it comes to jobs and the economy, Republicans have a huge gain in the polls over Democrats.

The problem with President Biden is he has staffed his Administration with the most radical elements of his party. They are not hiding the fact they want to fundamentally change our nation away from it’s Captialist roots and turn toward a command-and-control socialist one. Voters are not only seeing this, but also plan to vote for those candidates who seem more concerned with real issues, rather than those touting imagined successes.

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