Virtue signaling, Ukraine and Covid vaccine roundtable
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Virtue signaling, Ukraine and Covid vaccine roundtable

In this episode, I start off explaining the problem with virtue signaling. First, it’s almost never about being honest to your core. It does not reflect truth. What it does is allow someone to utter some platitude that is politically expedient, while trying to look virtuous about it. Since it’s only about political expediency, your “truth” is bound to reverse itself when it’s more advantageous to flip your opinion.

This leads to how so many, especially politicians, can say one thing today that is diametrically opposed to what they said previously. In the case of Joe Biden, not only did he say he wanted civility in his Administration, which we know he doesn’t foster, he wanted to stop Russia’s Nord Stream-2 pipeline. In 2016, he was adamant it would destabilize the EU and especially Ukraine. Yet, here we are, on the brink of possible war over his sudden reversal.

Now, let’s take the virtue signaling of so many public health leaders, with the aid of a complicit media and an all too eager to comply social media, and look at the Covid vaccine debate. Data has been available for months if not over a year regarding the efficacy of the mRNA vaccines, yet there is no back-tracking. They virtuously tout they have the only answers and anyone else is going to “follow orders” or be silenced. As one nurse put it, so many who died didn’t die because of Covid. They died because of negligence and medical malfeasance.

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