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Missing a part of us

In this episode, I break away (mostly) from the news of the day to talk about the passing of my father-in-law. Life is not all rainbows and unicorns. Adversity hits, often when least expected. What had been booked as a travel weekend for my wife to fly to her dad’s is now a flight for his funeral.

I will have a few minutes to speak at his funeral, but I wanted to say more and so I am using today’s episode for that reason. I never expected my father-in-law would become part of the fabric of our home, but it happened and now my wife and I are missing a part of us. I am selfishly wanting one more visit — one more chance to talk about movies, history, sports and politics. But, wishes are not reality and this one will never again come to pass.

However, looking back, I am so happy I made the most of every moment we had together. We loved our movie-nights with him, discussing history, debating whether the Yankees or the Braves are the better baseball team and watching him become a UGA Bulldogs fan. He left so suddenly it almost seems like a bad dream. But, given his zest for life and for living everyday to its fullest, I guess it beats a slow, debilitating exit.

My hope for everyone listening, is to learn to cherish the moments we have together. To put down the phone. To meet in person. To get back to normal and engage in real living. None of us knows when we will be called home, so it’s important to maximize the time we are given.

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