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It’s only misinformation when we say it is

In this episode, I find it ironic that as far as the Left and leaders in public health are concerned, it’s only misinformation if they say it is. I open with Whoopi Goldberg openly telling her audience that the Holocaust was not about race! That is factually and patently false, yet she still said it and believed it. Was she guilty of spreading misinformation?

What about Dr. Fauci? Dr. Rochelle Walensky? What about others in government and public health who have had to change their policies and walk-back their advice over and over again? Were they spreading misinformation? When other doctors drafted the Great Barrington Declaration, detailing differences between treating the young versus the old and not locking down, were they spreading misinformation? At the time, Dr. Collins, head of NIH, emailed Dr. Fauci and said they needed to “take down” the voices behind that Declaration.

Now, those very scientists have been proven to be right a full 16 months after they published their paper. How many Americans might have been saved with an earlier adoption of the more reasonable guidelines in the Great Barrington Declaration?

Dr. Peter McCullough recently published a paper with several other doctors identifying the “sweet spot” for saving a person was getting early treatment within the first 72 hours of becoming symptomatic. But, that wasn’t the plan of Dr. Fauci or the CDC. It certainly wasn’t the plan of Bill Gates. How is it possible that the wealthiest people in the world set themselves up to become even wealthier with the one-size-fits-all approach to the pandemic? And isn’t it interesting, none of the people at the top of that financial food chain were interested in pre-existing medicines or therapeutics, which other doctors were using to much success.

So many doctors, politicians and members of the Leftist, legacy media used their titles and platforms to denounce differing voices and opinions as purveyors of misinformation. Yet, it only takes a few moments to see those same “experts” have been wrong about their policies and solutions since the very beginning. It must be nice to be the ones who get to control who is a source of misinformation and who isn’t.

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