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Whoopi, race theory and Janice Rogers Brown

In this episode, I continue to look at the firestorm Whoopi Goldberg has created around herself by saying the Holocaust was not about race. She tried to explain herself on the Stephen Colbert Show. It was a lame attempt at an apology. Her excuse? When she thinks about “race” she thinks of it from a black perspective. And therein lies the problem.

Critical race theory, specifically as used in America, boils all ills of society down to black versus white. Simply put, if you are black, you are a perpetual victim and will not succeed, whereas if you are white, you are a perpetual victimizer and only gain success by subjugating non-whites. It’s a horrible theory and does nothing but foster division and hate. And it is this kind of thinking that led Whoopi to declare the Holocaust was not about race.

If we continue to move down this path, we are going to undue everything Affirmative Action was supposed to solve. Instead of casting the widest net possible, telling employers to not discount people because of race, gender, ethnicity, etc…, we are, in fact, discounting people based on their demographics. It’s what led to President Biden to putting people in place in his Administration, not based on qualification, but solely on checkboxes.

And this leads to President Biden’s desire to look for a nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States of America who is only black and female. He is going to intentionally overlook anyone else who might be more qualified. In his mind, it is important for the country to see the first ever black woman on the SCOTUS.

Ironically, he didn’t feel that way in 2003. That’s when President George W. Bush nominated Judge Janice Rogers Brown for the DC District Circuit Court of Appeals. Joe Biden organized a filibuster of her nomination. Two years later, President Bush nominated her again. This time, she passed, but Senator Biden voted against her.

A month after Judge Brown was approved, Justice Sandra Day O’Conner announced her retirement. The scuttle around Washington, D.C. was to see Judge Brown selected for confirmation. Senator Biden went on television and said if President Bush tried to nominate her, he would be sure to organize the filibuster to stop her — something that had never been done before in the history of our country to prevent a SCOTUS nomination. Knowing he did not have enough Democrat support to overcome a filibuster, President Bush did not nominate her. Ironically, all of the other nominees were not threatened with the filibuster, only Judge Janice Rogers Brown.

Perhaps, in some way, Joe already got his way about the first black woman as it relates to the Supreme Court. Thanks to him, Judge Janice Rogers Brown was the first black woman to ever be denied the confirmation process solely by the threat of the filibuster. We cannot, as a country, continue down this path. We must remove the nonsense of critical race theory in all of its forms, because that is not who we are, nor what we should want to be, as a nation.

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