Limiting information is always bad
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Limiting information is always bad

In this episode, I spend some time discussing the nature of limiting information. It is so easy to fall into the altruistic trap of saying, nothing should be uttered unless it’s true. There should be no sources of misinformation or disinformation. On the surface, it sounds like a wonderful concept, but in reality, it’s a dangerous path.

If we really buy into the notion of canceling anyone or anything who is spreading misinformation, why do we need so many news outlets? If there is only “one” version of any story, why not just have a single news outlet and leave it at that? Let’s put the government in charge and let them establish their Truth Department. They will look at each news story first to be sure it’s accurate and then we will pay pretty faces to read the scripts. After all, aren’t we already mostly down that road of believing the goverment has all the answers and never does or gets anything wrong?

It’s an absurd way to think. It’s what leads to cancel culture. Instead of learning to change the channel, we want to eliminate the channel. Instead of giving someone a chance to admit their mistake and grow, it’s better to remove them from society altogether. It took Whoopi Goldberg being suspended for two weeks to finally open the eyes of MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinsky that cancel culture is out of control! Well, all I can say to Mika is, it took you long enough to get here, but welcome aboard!

Limiting information is always bad. When you limit information, it limits our world view and does not allow for any individual growth. Learning to weed through so much information is a useful skill and should be encouraged, not curtailed. Yes, there will always be sources of misinformation, but it’s much better to err on the side of having access to more of the story than to censor parts which run contrary to our beliefs. In any society, when information and diversity of thought is controlled or limited, it leads to dictatorships and authoritarian regimes. We have to learn that less in not more. When it comes to information, less is less.

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