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The race-obsessed Left and freedom truckers

In this episode I open wondering how Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer could make such an egregious mistake. In an attempt to pander to his base and to support President Biden’s desire for a black woman nominee to the Supreme Court, he forgets the name Thurgood Marshall.

Senator Schumer spoke on the Senate floor and said the SCOTUS has been all white men until 1981. Thurgood Marshall was appointed to the bench in 1967. This mistake happens when Democrats are more worried about looking for demographics than for qualified people.

And, to top it off, Senator Schumer has to keep moving to the radical left to placate AOC and the squad. In fact, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demands the Senate Majority Leader make life miserable for democrat senator Kyrsten Sinema. The in-fighting is already bad and will only get worse as we approach mid-terms.

Vice President Kamala Harris is losing yet another staffer, as rats continue to abandon her sinking ship. Poll numbers are so bad for President Biden that Hillary Clinton, of all people, is polling higher than him for the 2024 presidential run. And they are still doing all they can to focus only on race and censorship. It hasn’t worked yet, but they have committed to that strategy.

What may end up saving all of us is a group of 50,000+ truckers in Canada. The lifeblood of our logistics supply line may end up doing more for the restoration of freedom in a few weeks than any government leader has done in two years. There are signs some Provinces are moving toward removing all mandates. And, now there are indications of freedom trucker convoys in Germany and Australia with plans for one in the United States.

That is what’s meant by democratic principles in play. That is government of, by and for the people! When all is finally back to normal, we may all owe our return to freedom to the truckers of the world.

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