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Jealousy and hypocrisy at root of Rogan and Freedom Convoy

In this episode, I once again need to point out the real issues behind the orchestrated move by radical Leftists and the legacy media to deplatform Joe Rogan. It has nothing to do with content, guests or a host who lacks credentials. It’s about jealousy. CNN, at their best, might average 750,000 watchers for their shows. Joe Rogan has 11 million. And, many of his episodes can be upwards of 40-50 million listens.

Joe Rogan does what journalists are supposed to do – ask questions. He is curious and is okay poking holes. He also let’s his guests speak. He isn’t afraid to let them talk. That’s what is supposed to be at the heart of learning something from someone. Ask them a question and then let them answer.

If having errant opinions on a show is grounds for dismissal, then CNN by themselves should have been canceled long ago. I am a fan of letting the market decide what goes and what stays. I am not a fan of manipulating businesses or using the government to sanction the censorship of ideas or speech. CNN’s Brian Stelter says some opinions are more important that others. That’s not how the first amendment was written. It does not limit the speech to only the “good” opinions. If you believe that, you should get a refund for your terrible education.

The hypocrisy and jealousy of Leftists and the legacy media also leads to the GoFundMe debacle over the weekend. Late Friday, the American company GoFundMe decided, at the prompting of Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, and the Ottawa Police Department, to confiscate the $9 million dollars raised for the Freedom Convoy. They blatantly announced their plans to steal the money and give it to causes they felt could us it more.

Thanks to a massive outcry (and probably some internal emails from their lawyers), they back-tracked on Saturday. Instead they are just going to refund everyone. Apparently, some protests are also better than others. Burning down buildings, looting, pillaging and committing physical violence are okay causes for GoFundMe. However, the Freedom Convoy has not engaged in those activities, so they are no longer worthy of receiving crowd-sourced funds.

Instead, the police have been instructed to stop any incoming goods and supplies, including fuel, from getting to the 50,000+ protesters involved in the Freedom Convoy. They are willing to freeze and starve innocent men, women and children who are exercising their right to petition they government for grievances.

We are living in scary times when those who are filled with nothing more than jealousy and hypocrisy, but have power of their own, are willing to wield it in order to eliminate opposition and shut down debate.

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