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Never bend the knee for Authoritarians

In this episode, I implore Joe Rogan to stop apologizing to the Left. I know, in his heart, he feels he’s doing the right thing. He wants to acknowledge his missteps or failings because he respects his audience. But, his audience aren’t the ones trying to cancel him. He has to realize, the ones going after him are not going to stop until he has been made to submit to their will. They are not going to be happy with an apology. They will see it as a victory for their authoritarian views and continue to press and press until Joe’s show is either gone or a faint shadow of its former self.

This same issue is happening, but in an ironically inverted way with the Freedom Convoy. PM Justin Trudeau spent the last two years putting the full might of government into action, clamping down on the lives of his fellow Canadians. Mandates, edicts, lock-downs, masks – all of it leading to economic, social and financial crises and ruining untold lives and businesses. Now a convoy of ordinary citizens is demanding a stop. Trudeau understands how his side operates. There is no such thing as an acceptable compromise. If he caves, his power is gone and he’s panicked. He must resort to the old stand-by for Leftists; start calling them all the names they can think of, such as racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobes, etc.

Liberals in Ontario are urging their leadership to use the power of government to seize the trucks of any who refuse to leave Ottawa. They honestly feel their view of democracy is to steal the property of their citizens if they don’t do as they are told.

Here in the states, something strange is happening in democrat strongholds. Mayors and governors are starting to announce the end of mandates. Even liberal congressman Ted Lieu put out a tweet discussing the need for public health officials to acknowledge natural immunity. What is going on here in the US? Polling! Internal polls have to be the worst in anyone’s memories as we head to the mid-terms. Democrats need to regain support from the very people have have been subjugating for over two years. The best way to do that is to return to normal.

In a perfect system, when two sides are in disagreement, they will find common ground upon which to compromise. Compromise is a good thing. However, we do not currently find ourselves in that system. Our leaders want to control, censor, confiscate and punish.

Until such time as these power-mad authoritarians are run out of office, none of us should be forced to bend the knee. We are not a monarchy. We do not elect kings and queens. We are a government of, by and for the people and we need to remember that and never let our elected officials forget. They work for us and it should never be the other way around.

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