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Something’s changing but it’s not the science

In this episode, I open with the unbelievable metamorphosis science has undergone in the last few days. Masks no longer work, kids do not need to wear them in school, mandates are not necessary and life should go back to normal. What an amazing turnaround! As Dr. Leana Wen stated on CNN, “The science has changed!”

I’m sorry, but something may have changed, but it’s not the science. Science is the process we use to get data. Science is how we get answers to questions. The fact so many in public health and the perpetrators of socialist/communist governance chose to ignore the data is why Covid has been politicized since day one. The science hasn’t changed, so what has? Could it be qualifying for the mid-terms is coming up next month and internal polling for Democrats across the board is as bad as it’s ever been? Or, could it be the collateral damage to the populace is going to be so devastating, they have no choice but to reverse course?

Whatever the case, the data has been consistent for months and it’s nice to see how leaders in Democrat strongholds are finally acknowledging it. Even Dr. Wen recognized natural immunity for the first time.

But, while we are seeing the steady erosion of the public health mandates, Prime Minster Justin Trudeau continues his pretzel-logic attack on the Freedom Convoy. He doesn’t even realize the backward, circuitous logic he is trying to peddle. He is, of course, assisted by the all-too-willing propaganda wing of the Democrat party – the legacy media. They have decided to try labeling the truckers as “insurrectionists,” “seditionists,” and “violent extremists.” It’s almost comical to see their desperation on full display.

Even White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried to dismiss the Freedom Convoy and re-write their purpose for protesting. She wants to sell the notion that it’s not about mandates. This flies in diametric opposition to what Prime Minister Trudeau is saying. It’s should be comical if it wasn’t so damaging to our freedom and liberty.

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