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Inflation and spin are out of control

In this episode, I open with the January inflation numbers just announced at 7.5%. Not since 1982 have we had inflation this high. It continues to track worse over the coming months and was much higher than Wall Street expectations. It shows the policies of the Joe Biden administration are fundamentally hurting just about all Americans with the rising cost of goods. We are seeing the result of policies that were driven solely by the idea of reversing everything President Trump did because “Orange Man Bad!”

This may help to explain why so many democrat leaders are trying to ditch the Covid mandates as fast as they can. They need good news on the table to help cover the horrible news dragging all of their poll numbers down. Isn’t it interesting that it seems no democrats running want to take advantage of a photo-op with President Biden? They want to distance themselves away from him and the policies of his administration.

The spin we are getting is coming so fast, even members of the Executive Branch are contradicting themselves. Just as I was saying in yesterday’s show that I won’t be surprised to see leaders in public health try to convince us there were never any mandates, Dr. Rochelle Walensky decided to prove me right. In an online town hall meeting, she said the policy of the CDC was to recognize decisions related to masking and other treatments would have to be made at the “local” level. Really? Then why did Press Secretary Jen Psaki say, nearly at the same time, that Governor Ron DeSantis was an impediment to the White House’s Covid policies? It cannot go both ways. We know the CDC was not for allowing local decision making related to public health. It flies in the face of the last 2 years of their authoritarian regime.

Let’s add to the spin factor moving at hyper-speed, the CDC quietly changed their definition of “vaccine” in September of 2021. Prior to the change, their own definition of a vaccine was, “A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.” Seems reasonable, since that’s what vaccines are supposed to do. But, wait! Now they have updated the definition. According to the CDC, a vaccine is, “A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against disease.” Why would they do that, you ask? According to a spokesperson for the CDC, “The previous definition could be interpreted to mean that vaccines were 100% effective, which has never been the case for any vaccine, so the current definition is more transparent.”

There you have it! They’ve recognized their holy grail of defense against Covid fades in 4-6 months and the boosters give maybe a 2-3 month increase before also fading. So, they needed to change the definition to provide cover for a treatment that does not really work like they said it does.

By the way, using their new definition, I guess I am now vindicated in my long-time recommendation for everyone to up their Vitamin D levels. We know Vitamin D stimulates the body’s immune system in an effort to fight off disease, so now we can all take a much better, more affordable and less problematic vaccine – D3.

Finally, with so many out there screaming the words mis and dis information, the Department of Homeland Security just updated a document labeling those who engage in the online spread of mis- dis- or mal- (MDM) information, may be considered as a domestic terrorist. So, add a new title to my resume as I was labeled for months as spreading disinformation related to Covid, even though every single thing has come to pass.

It’s a scary game being played and regardless of political persuasion, we should all fear a government who wants to dominate the narrative, crush any opposing voices and is willing to use the might of government to do so. We need to remember the names of all who supported this totalitarian view of governance and work hard to make sure every last one of them is removed from office or their positions of authority.

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