Criminalizing free speech
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Criminalizing free speech and Biden’s done nothing

In this episode, I remind everyone that based on the newest language published by the Department of Homeland Security, I am likely listed as a domestic terrorist. According to them, anyone who goes online to spread mis- dis- or mal- information can sow discord or undermine the public trust in U.S. government institutions. Basically, we are to bow at the alter of government and if we disagree with them or their policies, we are going to be classified as enemies of the state.

This is a direct affront to our First Amendment and further evidence that an authoritarian regime devoid of substance would rather intimidate and punish it’s citizens who disagree, rather than make a more compelling argument. This is exactly what’s happening in Canada as a result of the Freedom Convoy. The PM Trudeau and the Ottawa Police stopped funds from flowing to the truckers by intimidating GoFundMe. Then police were told to arrest people for the crime of “mischief” if they were to bring food and fuel to the truckers. Mainstream news outlets are calling the protest an “insurrection” and an act of “sedition.” They label these protesters as Nazis, racists, anarchists and more in an attempt to discredit them.

That false narrative is not getting the tracking they want. A police officer even took to social media to say, “What is happening in Ottawa, with the clear political influence on the police, to physically exert political will on peaceful protesters… is so very wrong, on so many levels.” He’s right. In just the last year we’ve seen the DOJ weaponized by the Attorney General to go after parents, calling them domestic terrorists. Now anyone who dares speak against the government can be considered one, too. We are watching the law enforcement arm of the executive branch become a tool for suppression, censorship and intimidation.

I then move to how the FDA just lost an argument to prevent Pfizer from releasing all 55,000 pages of it’s safety trial information regarding their mRNA vaccine. The FDA wanted a slow drip of 500 pages at a time, but the Texas judge refused. Now Pfizer has been quietly adding language, warning that, “Unfavorable pre-clinical, clinical or safety data” may impact business. How bad is it when yet another enforcement mechanism of the Executive Branch is more interested in protecting the pharmaceutical company at the expense of the health of Americans?

Finally, another devastating poll has come out on President Joe Biden. The poll, which was carried out by independent research company SSRS from January 10 to February 6, 2022, sampled 1,527 adults via the web and phone. The poll had a margin of error of 3.3 with a 95% confidence level. The poll showed approval for Biden has fallen across the board, with 58% of Americans disapproving of the way he’s handled his job, a “significant drop” from his approval numbers in CNN polling in 2021. Worse, 56% of all who were polled, when asked what has Biden done that you approve of, said, “Nothing.” Not one, single thing. That is disastrous for this administration!

However, if they continue to weaponize their departments to go after messages they don’t like, maybe they don’t have to worry about their poll numbers. Maybe that’s the reason they are so desperate to label dissent as domestic terrorism. If they can scare enough people to remain silent, they will continue to rule. Let’s hope enough of us see through their attempts to usurp our Constitution.

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