weaponizing agencies to squash opposition
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Weaponizing agencies to squash opposition

In this episode, I open with more astounding details from the recent court filing by Special Counsel John Durham. For a political opponent from any party to feel justified in weaponizing various agencies to not only spy, but also to squash opposition should shake all Americans to our core. When radical Leftists acquire power, we are seeing just how far they are willing to go to get or remain in power.

Just look at what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to do yesterday. After convening an emergency meeting, he has decided, for the first time in the history of Canada, to invoke the Emergencies Act. Prior to it’s change in the 80’s, it had been called the War Measures Act. The Emergencies Act is defined as “an act of the Parliament of Canada to authorize the taking of special temporary measures to ensure safety and security during national emergencies.”

Think about it. For two years, the worst crisis of our supposed lifetimes has been the Covid pandemic and even the power-hungry Trudeau did not invoke the Emergencies Act. Instead, when the people are exercising their rights to peacefully protest, the man-child dictator of Canada wants to declare martial law! This move it not just about law-enforcement. Essentially, Trudeau has stripped any protesters of the protections of Canadian Law, confiscating their bank accounts, assets and more. If this is happening in a country I affectionately refer to as America-lite, it can happen anywhere tyrants have ascended to power.

Ironically, I pulled a few sound bites of police officers from just a few day ago who support the Freedom Convoy. One goes so far as to say she is always told you should not follow an unlawful order. Let’s see what happens in the coming days.

Also, a trucker in the crowd spoke about a Fed or a Narc who was going around trying to incite violence. It sounds far too familiar, does it not? A corrupt government scared of the people so they plant agents in the crowd to cause chaos? So far, the Freedom Convoy has not fallen for any attempts by the government or mainstream media to behave poorly.

Finally, Goldie Hawn came under fire for daring to say that the brains of children are not as developed as the brain’s of adults and we should do more to protect them from fear and harm. How dare she!! She says what should be blatantly obvious and so the answer is to come down on her and demand she be silenced. It’s the same pattern happening over and over again.

We need to all be aware of just how dangerous it is for any government to weaponize it’s agencies to squash the opposition. This goes against the very tenants that made our nation the envy of the world. If we allow this continued assault on our democratic principles, we are going to lose to very fiber of what it has meant to the world to be that shiny beacon on the hill.

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2 thoughts on “Weaponizing agencies to squash opposition”

  1. Dear Alan

    Hello from the UK. Many thanks indeed for this. very helpful to have this.

    I have done my own posts in support of the Canadian truckers etc. should you or anyone be interested.

    Please note I do use humour and satire as necessary on posts and pages to lighten the mood and help make the points. I will use strong salty language if required.


    That has sub-links to other posts.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.

    1. Thank you so much for the listen and for reading the show notes! I really appreciate it and have read your piece that you put in the link. Keep up the great work! Maybe we can convince these two bit dictators that freedom and liberty should always win out over mandates and tyranny.

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