Abuse of power and 4th Estate
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Abuse of power and a failed 4th Estate

In this episode, I continue to examine the fallout of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s actions in invoking the Emergencies Act. In an attempt to appear strong and determined, he has instead painted himself as a divisive tyrant throwing a temper tantrum.

A day after the Canadian Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, made it known that banks and financial institutions were now empowered to freeze accounts of anyone involved with the Freedom Convoy, the New York Times Editorial Board spoke out in favor of the truckers. The notoriously liberal and Leftist NYT Editorial Board literally said peaceful protest, even if irritating, is a vital part of democracy.

Similarly, the Toronto Sun also penned an opinion piece entitled, “Trudeau has gone too far.” The piece further goes on to say, “The Liberal government appeared to be hoping for some sort of Jan. 6 style event as happened in the United States last year. All of their rhetoric indicated they were keen to see such an event go down. It never did. The convoy has been peaceful throughout. The only real violence so far has been a vehicular ramming conducted against protesters, which sent four people to hospital. You don’t hear much about that though. Trudeau never condemned it. Instead, Trudeau has called protesters every name in the book even though they are a diverse crowd in every sense of the word.”

Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley went one step further and published a piece showing how the overreach by Trudeau could be used to stop the next Martin Luther King, Jr. from having a peaceful protest. The precedent has been set. If a group of people gather to the annoyance of the Prime Minister, simply declare it a national emergency and strip those citizens of their rights and their property or assets.

Ironically, even Justin Trudeau tweeted in 2012, “When a government starts trying to cancel dissent or avoid dissent is when it’s rapidly losing it’s moral authority to govern.” Yet, he seems to have forgotten about that now that he’s the one in power.

Finally, I remind everyone how important the freedom of the press is in the First Amendment. The framers of our government knew they needed to protect the press so they could be free to keep an eye on the happenings of government. It was a way of creating a fourth check on the three branches of our Republic. Unfortunately, the bulk of the legacy media is 90% in the tank for the Democrat party and has lost their ability to fairly report. It has become the province of the new media – the 5th Estate – to keep government in check. Maybe that’s why they are so adamant at trying to silence those voices by any means necessary.

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