Remembering Rush Limbaugh
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Remembering Rush Limbaugh and Trudeau has no core

In this episode, we remember the anniversary of the passing of a radio icon, Rush Limbaugh. When I was young and thought I knew everything, I didn’t like Rush. He irritated me because he was so sure of himself. He acted like he had all the answers. How could that be when it was obvious that I had all the answers.

Well, as with most of us, life has a way of knocking us down a few pegs. I started to progress in my career, but noticed my raises didn’t seem as big as they sounded. I discovered tax brackets and how we punish success by confiscating more of a person’s wealth. It was then I realized just how little I knew about our government and how much I needed to learn. And what better teacher than Rush?

Rush made a point of defining the differences between how a conservative looks at the world versus a liberal. Those of us who revere the Constitution, freedom and liberty, look at the world though the prism of what is allowed and what is not. Put another way, it’s a discussion over right and wrong. However, liberals subscribe to the Machiavellian philosophy of the ends justifying the means. They already believe they have all the answers and are not to be questioned. They have a righteous belief in their motives and any who oppose are simply evil. For them it’s not about right and wrong, it’s about good versus evil.

Because of that difference, it is easy to identify those who lean right versus left by whether or not they have any core principles to guide their lives. When you have core principles, you don’t have to worry about whether you said one thing one day and then the opposite the next. When they are lacking, you are more apt to go in whatever direction is the most politically expedient.

This helps to explain the actions of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He has a digital trail of how he once stood for dissent and for protests and now he is saying the exact opposite. He used to believe all Canadians are worthy of having a voice and now he is using the power of government to squash those to whom he disagrees. Without any core principles, he is free to float on political winds, whichever way they may be blowing. For him, he doesn’t even think of it as being hypocritical. The ends justify the means! So, if it means saying you love dissent when it serves your purpose, so be it. But, later, if crushing dissent serves your purpose, then make it so.

As we head into primaries and eventually the mid-terms, we all have a duty to explore the past of anyone who is wanting our vote. We have to decide if we want people who flip-flop their positions based on what is best for their political careers, or those who have solid core principles guiding them. I think we can all see what happens when we put politicians in power without a core. Eventually, the those political winds might end up blowing right back in our own faces.

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