Trudeau envies China and CDC politicizing science
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Trudeau envies China and politicizing science

In this episode, it has become apparent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau envies dictatorships. Look at what has happened in Canada in just over three weeks since a convoy of over 50,000 truckers decided to rise up as free citizens to protest the actions of their government.

While the administration is giddy with their new-found powers to oppress, thanks to invoking the Emergencies Act, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association is bringing a lawsuit against the Canadian government. In their assessment, the government has brought in an extreme measure that should be reserved for national emergencies, a legal standard that has not been met.

Similarly, when MP Dane Lloyd spoke on the floor, he said, “Deputy Director of Intelligence for FINTRAC, Barry MacKillop, stated there is no evidence that this funding in Ottawa is tied to ideologically motivated extremism.” In light of that fact, he asks the Prime Mister to explain under what basis the government has in freezing accounts of Canadians? Rather than answer the question, Trudeau side-steps and reinforces his administrations commitment to follow-through on the powers they have under the Emergencies Act.

And, though the House and Senate have yet to vote their approval, the police have already been loosed on the organizers. Tamara Lich was arrested yesterday just standing on the sidewalk. The arresting officers gave no reason or charge. They simply handcuffed her and took her away.

It’s then we are reminded of a video of the Prime Minister who spoke before an audience and talked of his envy of how the Chinese dictatorship could make things happen so quickly. He literally admires a brutal, communist regime because it can use the power of government to force the people to do whatever they want. And, within the last few days, we can see just how much he has been yearning to yield similar authority.

The second subject I hit has to do with the CDC and how they have become a propaganda tool for the Administration. It’s a problem that comes from being an agency under the Executive Branch. When it comes to science versus politics, if an agency is beholden to government, it will ALWAYS put politics before science. I point out several studies the CDC has used over the course of the pandemic to justify policy-making, only to find the studies were skewed, flawed or data was taken out of context. And it isn’t just on occasion. Every time a policy was demanded to be put in place, the CDC found a study to help justify a new mandate. None of the studies hold up to real science. What those studies prove, more than anything, is the CDC is part of the propaganda wing of the Democrat party.

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2 thoughts on “Trudeau envies China and politicizing science”

  1. Follow the money.

    This whole covid scam is all about shareholers making disgusting amounts of $ ( including many polititians.).

    This is in the one hundre year cycle.

    Things like this happen every 100 years.

    As for dictators like trudeau, history dictates that it never ends well for ones like him

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