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Ukraine is the shiny bauble of distraction

In this episode, I decide to address a little bit of the Ukraine situation. First, I take a moment to go over the geography of the region and remind the audience of the old USSR. Some of those Republics still feel ties to Mother Russia while others wanted to become more like Western civilizations.

Vladimir Putin, we must remember, grew up in the heyday of Soviet might! He has always believed it was a travesty for the USSR to break apart at the end of the Cold War. Many of his speeches and writings yearn for the day of reuniting those city-states back under one glorious Soviet Union.

Additionally, Putin has moved in on parts of the former Soviet Union in the last 20 years. He took Georgia during the George W. Bush presidency. He then took the Crimean Peninsula during the Obama administration (when Joe Biden was the VP). He paused during the Trump administration and is now going forward with Ukraine under the Biden administration. Putin understands weakness and he is amazing at manipulating Western nations and journalists.

So, while the Ukraine story is noteworthy, it should not be the shiny bauble meant to distract us from other issues happening at the same time. The trampling of freedoms and rights is still happening before our very eyes. The narratives are being created to paint parents and purveyors of online information as domestic terrorists. Justin Trudeau completely disregards the rights of his own people and then has the audacity to speak out on the Ukraine situation because he wants to protect democracy. It’s almost laughable. And I take a moment to introduce a new segment called, “Deep Thoughts with Kamala Harris.

On top of that, gas prices continue to rise, inflation continues to hit all Americans and Biden’s polling continues to sag. But, while we are all focusing on Ukraine, those stories are being ignored or relegated to minor news blips. I won’t be shocked if in the coming days, we start seeing our own media begin to blame the rising cost of goods solely on Ukraine, as if all was well beforehand.

In fact, I pull a piece from a man-on-the-street segment where people are asked about what Joe Biden should do because of rising prices. They are also asked, what has he done wrong. Invariably, he is not putting Americans first and that was the common thread heard from those frustrated people.

We are watching the media help to draw our attention to the shiny bauble and they want us to believe it is the most important news item of the day. It’s okay to know what’s happening in Eastern Europe, but not at the expense of ignoring what’s happening in our own backyard.

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2 thoughts on “Ukraine is the shiny bauble of distraction”

  1. Joust another thoughtless rant, boy. I know. No need to apologize. Anything to keep that YouTube monetization going.

    1. For your benefit, this site is not monetized, I am not on YouTube, and my analysis, if you listened to the show, was right on the mark based on how the media controls what information you receive and what you don’t.

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