Sanctions and Moderna DNA
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Sanctions in name only and Moderna patent

In this episode, we have to open with the notion that this administration entered office touting the notion, “The adults are back in charge.” Well, based on the first year’s accomplishments (and I use that term sparingly), if this is what adults do, I’d rather have the others back in charge.

Let’s be honest for a moment, calling themselves adults was more a slap at the Trump administration than making a statement worthy of any substance. We all know plenty of “adults” who cannot be trusted, are irresponsible and fail at life. What we are really seeing are children in adult bodies who believe in some kind of magical thinking – that if they just believe hard enough in what they are saying, it will magically come to pass.

As an example, the Biden administration, it is now revealed, spent the last three months trying to get help from the Communist Chinese to stop Russia. Let that sink in for a moment. The geniuses in the White House thought the best solution for stopping Communist Russians from invading the Ukraine was to enlist the help of the Communist Chinese. Who thought that would work?

Instead, President Xi Jingping and his team took the intelligence we shared and gave it to their Russian friends. They told Vladimir Putin the US was “trying to sow seeds of discord” between the two nations and that the Chinese were not going to interfere with any plans the Russians may have. It makes perfect sense for them to have that stance and I’ll admit I don’t think I’m a foreign policy expert. But, this one seems like a no-brainer. Why would one Communist nation interfere with another Communist nation from taking over one of it’s former territories when China itself is looking to do the same with Taiwan? This is actually something I think most middle school students would be able to figure out!

On top of that, after promising punishing sanctions would be a deterrent to stop Vladimir Putin from an invasion, President Biden in his press conference yesterday said no one believed sanctions would stop him. And, when you look into the details of the sanctions, which protects all of Russia’s energy exports, why would we think it would work? Yet, several members of the White House repeatedly told the American people that the sanctions would be a deterrent.

And while the legacy media continues to give the Russia-Ukraine story nearly all of it’s news cycles, other information is going to intentionally slip through the cracks. One of these is the discover of a patented DNA sequence of Moderna’s found in the Covid-19 genetic sequence. How is that possible, unless the Wuhan lab had been working on gain-of-function gene splicing? Everything we suspected and was mocked and threatened over has been true. We have to remain vigilant and demand our leaders be held accountable for their ineptness and/or their duplicity. Either way, they must be removed from positions of power and authority if the goal really is to have the adults back in charge.

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