State of the Union is Crisis
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The state of our union is crisis

In this episode, I discuss my thoughts on tonight’s State of the Union address for President Joe Biden. First, I know what he should say won’t even come close to happening. Biden has been in a world of self-delusion for most of his political career. He is completely tone-deaf to facts and even reality, especially as it relates to foreign policy. So, while he will likely utter the words, “The state of our union is strong,” as so many of his predecessors have, he will be lying when he does so. There is a different word he should be using instead. The state of our union is CRISIS!

Let’s look at the energy crisis we find ourselves in over the last year. It traces back to a decision by this administration to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline, stop frakking, stop leasing of federal lands for drilling and making us once again dependent on foreign sources of oil.

How about the Afghanistan crisis caused by total mismanagement by President Biden. We know it was his fault at this time because of the number of officials and generals who have gone on record saying President Biden didn’t want to follow their plans. He wanted to withdraw his way and America ended up with egg on it’s face.

This leads to the current crisis in Ukraine. We now know both President Xi Jingping of China and President Vladimir Putin of Russia are moving forward with their plans to invade other countries thanks to the Afghanistan debacle. This administration begged for China’s help for three months, only to find they went to Putin and laughed at how stupid Biden’s thinking is.

At home, the border is a massive crisis as is violent crime, specifically for blue run states and cities. The influx of illegals is off the charts, not to mention the opioid crisis and record drug over doses related to the fentanyl flooding through our southern border. The number one killer of US adults between the ages of 18-45 is over-dosing! And it’s getting worse, not better. Add to it violent crime at all-time highs in Democrat run cities and communities and we are seeing voters relocating by the thousands to safer places.

The supply chain and inflation crisis are ongoing issues that did not improve under the current administration. In fact, they continue to worsen, eliminating any possible financial gains a family may have gotten from any recent raises.

And Covid continues to be a crisis Democrats helped to manufacture and now seem incapable of controlling it. They did such a good job invoking fear non-stop that people prefer to live with the fear in place instead of admitting they were lied to all along. The liberal consulting group Impact Research is imploring Democrats to spin the narrative and try to claim the win over Covid in order to save their political butts in November. They released a memo advising how Democrats can take credit for defeating Covid, even though all of the suggestions are either outright lies or a way of rewriting history.

If Joe Biden was going to be honest tonight, he would admit to all of these and more, but we know he will not. He will instead try to claim a laundry list of successes that contradict his abysmal polling numbers. When a liberal polling group can only find 36% of Americans to approve of the job he is doing, you know the Democrats recognize the peril they and their party is in while President Biden continues on his current trajectory.

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