Decorum deceit and Pfizer DNA
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Decorum, deceit and Pfizer DNA

In this episode, I start off with recapping a moment from yesterday’s State of the Union 2022 speech. As President Joe Biden began to mention flag-draped coffins of our military, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert yelled out, “You put them in, 13 of them,” referring to the 13 killed in the Afghanistan debacle. Needless to say she was booed on the floor and for the last 24 hours, has been the focus of vitriol from the Left.

Now, we can argue proper decorum all day long for our politicians. However, after House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi stood up on national television and repeatedly ripped up pages of the SOTU behind then President Donald Trump, it becomes harder to take their complaints seriously. The standards must apply both ways otherwise, it’s just political theater. I’m not saying two wrongs make it right, but it’s a bit hypocritical to get lectures on civility from those covered in their own raked muck.

I decided to share some of Congresswoman Boebert’s thoughts as she shared them on the Laura Ingram show. Ironically, some of her issues and complaints mirror many of the subjects I brought up in my reaction to Biden’s SOTU. We ought not forget how the Democrat party spent the last 18-24 months doing all they could to divide Americans. Over the last 14+ months, the Biden administration has been doing all it can to put America last and to create one crisis after another. To suddenly think, in the midst of anemic polling in the lead up to the mid-terms, they are having a change of heart is nothing short of political sophistry. They are going to spend the rest of this year trying to re-write recent history, painting themselves as unifiers and responsible for the victory over Covid.

From there, I move to a story I find even more important and compelling than even the Ukraine issue or the many crises here in the United States. A brand new study, published in Current Issues in Molecular Biology, Sweedish scientists have found the Pfizer mRNA vaccine converts to DNA inside human liver cells. In other words, the study suggest the vaccine is capable of becoming DNA, which the CDC specifically said would not happen.

I couple that story with the latest sets of documents the courts have forced Pfizer to release, showing an early safety study in mice where some of the mice had to be euthanized shortly after given the vaccine. The following necropsy found issues in the livers of the mice. So, at one point during animal trials there were animals who became sick and debilitated, needing to the put down to ease their suffering, only to find issues in the liver. I am not a scientist, but I am smart enough to play connect-the-dots. I hope I am wrong on where we are headed over the next 5-10 years. I hope the human body finds ways to rebuild itself from whatever potential damage the mRNA vaccines are doing, but only time will tell. On this one, I would rather eat crow and find I was worried over nothing, than to have the opposite happen.

Finally, to maybe lighten the mood a little, though it will leave you shaking your head, today we have another installment of Deep Thoughts with VP Kamala Harris. The way she helps explain the Russia/Ukraine situation will require a lot of duct tape wrapped around your head to keep it from exploding.

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