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Leading from behind is how we continue to lose

In this episode, I have to open with a bit of a rant against the Big Tech “fact-checkers” who are constantly wrong or have to resort to spin to try to stop facts and information from reaching the people. Last week I shared the Swedish study showing Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine becomes DNA in human liver cells. Note, the word “becomes” because in my view, words have meaning. The word “becomes” is not synonymous with “modifies” or “interacts with.” However, people like me and others are being flagged for sharing “misinformation” by discussing the study.

What did the fact-checkers say? They said the study is false because the mRNA vaccine does not change human DNA. Where did I or anyone say it “changed” your DNA? The study specifically says, it becomes DNA in human liver cells. Whether or not that DNA strand does anything or has an effect long-term is not yet known. It might cause issues, which is, as even I said, speculation, but that’s not what the study said nor what most have reported. They simply point to an alarming bit of scientific research that, through the process of transcription, the mRNA re-writes itself to become a DNA spike. That is factually correct and true. But the Big Tech fact-checkers twist the findings in the article in a way to then find it false. They have to insert a narrative that the study never once inferred. This is a huge problem in the ongoing debate over information and who gets to decide what is real and what isn’t. In my estimation, when you have to lie about what’s in a study to find it false, that’s where the real problem lies.

I move onto something we can certainly all agree on and that’s the pain we feel at the pump. Gasoline prices began rising the day after Joe Biden was elected and have climbed ever since. Sure, the Russian war with Ukraine has exacerbated the problem, but it was there already and wasn’t showing any sign of slowing. Russia’s invasion has only served to speed it along the way.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stooped to her usual condescending propaganda over the weekend with a chain of tweets where she detailed nine talking points only to close with we need to stop with the talking points on energy. Going through each of the points presents a huge logic problem to solve. If we are to believe we are currently producing record levels of fossil fuels, so much so we are the leading exporter of fossil fuels, how can Russia or any other bad actor create this much disruption in the market? Why are we still buying oil from Russia? Why would be opening talks with Iran and now Venezuela? It makes no sense, but that’s because the White House is filled with people who believe in their own heads whatever they think is reality. Belief, as I have often said, is not the same thing as truth.

So long as we continue to embrace the Obama-era policies of leading from behind, this is what we will continue to see in the market, the economy, the energy sector, foreign policy and more. Leading from behind is how we continue to lose. Until that way of thinking is reversed, it’s only going to get worse.

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