Skyrocketing energy cost
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Skyrocketing energy cost has always been the plan

In this episode, I address the ongoing energy crisis hitting ordinary Americans in the wallet and in the gut. I open with a presser by Senator Chuck Schumer and a tweet from Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi decrying an administration who is hurting average Americans with energy policies. The only problem with those bites is they come from 2018 when the national average of gasoline in the US was $2.84/gallon. Today we are officially at a new record high of $4.17/gallon.

The issue for Democrats is they are really not for lowering the price of energy so long as it’s linked to fossil fuels. In fact, Joe Biden ran on the promise of eliminating fossil fuel drilling and companies. They have always wanted to appease the radical, environmentalist movement and are convinced we can instantaneously move to green energy today.

As of this moment, if you add up all of the green energy output (solar, wind, water, etc) it accounts for just 10% of the world’s electricity, not total energy, just electricity. We do not have the ability to flip a switch and convert to green energy anytime soon, if not for decades. It’s an admirable goal, but in the meantime, our economy survives on the lifeblood of fossil fuels.

To suggest getting an electric vehicle is the answer is simply childish thinking. There are not enough EV’s in existence to replace all of the gasoline fueled vehicles that exist. And, at an average cost of $56,000 for an EV, is that really the “affordable” solution to the price at the pump?

In the meantime, we know President Putin has spent the last 15 to 20 years funding radical environmentalist movements in the West to create the “Green Energy” narrative. This did two things for him: 1) Created the inner turmoil and political strife to create instability in the West; and, 2) Put Russia in a position to be the supplier of oil and natural gas to much of Europe as well as North America. He has been slowly making the free-world dependent on Russia. He knew what he was doing all along. While Western nations were so focused on pushing green energy and abandoning their energy independence, Russia was stepping up to fill the need.

As I close, we did have our microphones at President Biden’s presser today. He opened with the announcement of stopping all Russian energy imports to the US, which is finally happening. However, he took time to weave false narratives to deflect blame off of his policies. He desperately tried to put all of the price increases on both Russia and on Big Oil for price gouging. He tried to sell the notion that we have all the oil we need but oil companies are choosing profit over supply. He then said his environmental regulation and energy restrictions are not to blame for the prices at the pump. What he really wants us all to believe is if we could just go buy an EV and winterize our homes, all would be right with the world.

The problem with this administration and the Left itself always comes back to magical thinking. They dream up these role-playing scenarios and convince themselves they have the panacea for all the world’s problems. It’s child-like, wishful thinking akin to flying unicorns and rainbow bridges. They make for great fairy tales, but terrible policy.

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