Biden blames Kamala cackles
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Biden looks for blame while Kamala cackles away

In this episode, I start off with a reminder that inflation was rising well before Russia and Ukraine were headlines. In fact, the most recent inflation number is 7.9%, up from the 7.5% of last month’s number. We have not had inflation this bad in 40 years and the trend continue to head higher.

Back in June of 2021, President Biden kept saying inflation was only going to be transitory. He kept quoting magical letters of endorsement from Nobel winning economists to prove he was right. As inflation continued to rise, Biden reminded us he would never pass blame, like he said the previous president would. He wanted all Americans to know he works for them and not the reverse.

Well, here we are and the White House along with President Biden are doing all they can to blame inflation on President Putin and his invasion into Ukraine. The problem with that is the data released in the most recent Consumer Price Index is always a month behind. So, it’s impossible to blame Russia on the rising cost of goods and services, when the sanctions have only just been in place for a little over two weeks.

What’s worse, as bad as Biden is for this country, VP Kamala Harris is worse. She is woefully unprepared for the job at hand and refuses to better herself. Her staff is continuously abandoning her and the morale in the Office of the Vice President is terrible. According to more than one person who has left the sinking ship, Kamala Harris refuses to learn the material beforehand, attacking her staff for wasting her time. Then, after making a fool of herself, attacks those same staffers for failing her. It’s a narcissistic cycle of attack everyone, deflect and never take any personal responsibility.

This can be plainly shown in her conduct this week during a presser in Poland with President Duda. A reporter asked a three-part question, specifically addressing VP Harris with the first two and then asked if President Duda could also weigh in on part of her question. It was obvious the question was first addressed to Harris, who looked like a deer in headlights. All she could do was try to laugh it off and pitch it to the President Duda after cackling an inane answer of, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

The sheer stupidity of this woman is sheer embarrassment for the country and for the world. She is not an example for young women here in the United States. In fact, if she serves as any example at all it is what NOT to become.

And, if we needed another example, we once again close out the show with another Deep Thought by Kamala Harris. Yes, we all need to laugh, but it’s starting to feel more like we are doing that to avoid crying.

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